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5 surprising student destinations for 2022
5 Surprising Student Destinations for 2022

Every day we are inundated with new travel updates, restrictions, requirements, and closures.  How do you plan a student trip?  Where do you go?  We’ve got you covered with 5 surprising student travel destinations for 2022 – and you just may want to check them out! We’ll show you why Charleston, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, […]

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booking buses and driving through the night
Booking Buses and Driving Through the Night

Booking Buses and Driving Through the Night It seems like such a good idea.  Load the bus after school, hit the road, and let the kids sleep through the night.  They’ll wake refreshed just as you arrive at your destination and be ready for a great of exploring and excitement. But the reality is that […]

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Update payment info for a KA trip
Update Your Payment Info for a KA Trip

Update Your Payment Info for a KA Trip You registered for your child’s KA trip but forgot to use the credit card that earns you points.  Or maybe your card was compromised and now you have a new one.  Maybe you won the lottery and no longer need to split payments among cards (wouldn’t THAT […]

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how to update info on a KA trip
How to Update Info for a KA Trip

Keeping everything organized is much simpler with the KA registration and payment platform powered by WeTravel.  However, important information does occasionally change, like addresses, allergies, or even emergency contacts.  Your trip leader will need access to the most current information to ensure your child’s experience is the best it can be.   Here’s How to […]

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how to make payments on a KA trip
How to Make Payments on a KA Trip

Paying for the school trip can be a strain on our wallets – especially in these difficult times.  But KA makes it a little easier by allowing you to make payments online using a credit card or bank card. Pay your initial deposit and then make additional payments on the schedule set by your trip […]

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Add trip protection to your KA trip
Add Trip Protection to Your KA Trip in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve sold the cookie dough, bought the scratch-offs, and have finally paid the balance of your child’s school trip.  Whew!  It’s a hefty investment but well worth the effort.  Travel is an important part of education.  In fact, 54% of teachers organize travel because it positively impacts academic performance!   5 Fabulous Reasons Kids Should […]

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Picking the perfect chaperones
9 Tips for Picking the Perfect Chaperones

Picking the Perfect Chaperones We’ve all heard the horror stories…the ones where the chaperones get into more trouble than the students while traveling.  Adults that you thought were trustworthy and reliable are suddenly acting like teens themselves.  Ugh! So how do you pick the perfect chaperones for your student trip? Student Youth Travel Association – […]

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New Rules for Student Travel
New Year – New Rules for Student Travel

(Getting Ready for Your Student Trip) Schools are back to business.  Buses are running, desks are occupied, and teachers are happily doing what they love.  Students are also doing what they love – traveling with their friends! Student travel is an important part of educating our children.  Whether it’s a park performance, a history trip, […]

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Fresh KA Faces
KA’s Fresh Faces Taking You to New Places

Kaleidoscope Adventures has a reputation for being bold.  28+ years in the student travel business has taught us that action, integrity, and a staunch belief in the transformative power of travel are the keys to success. We held tightly to our mission when the pandemic brought our business to its knees.  And despite the challenges, […]

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Get REAL ID Ready
Get REAL ID Ready!

Congress passed the REAL ID Act in 2005. It was to go into full effect in October of 2020.  Then we hit a bump in the road… well, let’s be honest.  A global pandemic collapsed the road and swallowed it whole! Now travel is making a comeback and REAL ID is back on the radar. […]

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Disney's mobile ordering in 3 simple steps
Disney’s Mobile Ordering in 3 Simple Steps

Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is a thrilling time for Disney diehards and newbies alike.  There are exciting changes, new attractions, fresh fireworks, and even a convenient new way to enjoy your favorite Disney dishes! Make New Magic with the Genie If you’re planning a group trip to Disney, the first thing you need to […]

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BOA Grand Nationals
BOA Grand Nationals – It’s Worth the Trip!

Warning.  This blog may contain strong emotion, uncontrolled pride, and possibly a snapshot or two of our saxophonist son.  My family (all four grandparents included) just returned from the 2021 BOA Grand Nationals in Indianapolis. We are exhausted, a little weepy, but definitely euphoric after watching 99 of the nation’s best high school marching bands […]

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