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A Fresh Look at an 'Olde' Favorite - Plan A Student Trip to Williamsburg
A Fresh Look at an ‘Olde’ Favorite – Plan Your Student Trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown

Virginia’s Historic Triangle is one of those sweet destination memories that recall lazy summer family vacations or first-time middle school field trips with friends.  Photo ops in the stockade or a steamy stroll through Jamestown’s Powhatan town may color your reminiscence.  But if you haven’t been there recently, it’s time to take a fresh look […]

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Elite performance opportunity in Nashville Schermerhorn
A Rare Elite Performance Opportunity at the Schermerhorn in Nashville

There are very few venues that can match the world-class Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.  Inspired by the great concert halls of Europe, the Schermerhorn is a magnificent, state-of-the-art masterpiece of design.  And now you can showcase your students on the Schermerhorn stage as part of a rare elite performance opportunity in Nashville. The […]

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Civil Rights History Trip through Alabama
A Civil Rights History Trip through Alabama

Discovering the Legacy: A Civil Rights History Trip through Alabama The civil rights movement was a volatile and influential time in our nation’s history. We study it in our schools, watch movies portraying its leaders and feel its impact on today’s society. Imagine how powerful it would be to experience firsthand. Explore the tragedies and […]

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Tim Davis Experience
A GLEEful Choir Trip to the Tim Davis Experience in the Smoky Mountains

The Experience of Tim Davis Have you ever caught an episode of the iconic high school melodrama Glee? Or maybe seen Lady Gaga’s spectacular Super Bowl halftime show?  How about been to a Disney theme park? Have you tuned into the Grammys or the Oscars? Or maybe even just played a video game or watched […]

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plan a Spanish language trip
Top Tips for Planning a Spanish Language Trip

Studying a language is an exciting departure from the standard school curriculum.  Taking a Spanish language trip is an exciting departure as well – inspiring a deep dive into a new place and culture.  Here are our top tips for planning a Spanish language trip. Why A Language Trip? We live in a global society, […]

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Explore Washington D.C. with the Safety Patrol
A Trip To Remember: Explore Washington D.C. With The Safety Patrol

Countless schools across America take part in the popular AAA Safety Patrol program each year.  It’s been around for more than a century and has had an indisputably positive impact on student safety.  Reward the efforts of these pint-sized patrollers with a trip to remember. Explore Washington D.C. with the Safety Patrol! About AAA’s School […]

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New Orleans Performance Trip
New Orleans Hits All the Right Notes for Your High School Performance Trip

New Orleans hits all the right notes for your high school performance trip! This vibrant and eclectic city has something for everyone, especially for music lovers. With its rich culture and history, New Orleans is the perfect destination for your next musical adventure. Your students can explore the roots of jazz music and tour historic […]

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Fredericksburg Civil Rights Trail
Fredericksburg Civil Rights Trail – History in the Making

Civil Rights History in the Making For more than 200 years, the African American community has been rooted deeply in Fredericksburg.  Nothing symbolized the city’s long engagement in the transatlantic slave trade more than the stone auction block that sat at the corner of William and Charles Streets.  It was the site of at least […]

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Junket student tour
Junket – A Student Tour with A Tech Twist

Just like everything else, travel is changing and evolving. Tourism and tech are colliding, resulting in fresh and intriguing ways to explore destinations.  And we’ve found one of the best ways for student groups to experience new places… Junket.  If you haven’t already, it’s time for your groups to experience Junket – a student tour […]

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Plan A Band Trip to International Tattoo

Does the sound of a drum corps put a spring in your step? Do you shiver with delight when you hear the strains of a bagpipe? Will Celtic dancing get your toes tapping? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, plan a band trip to Virginia International Tattoo! Virginia International Tattoo Each spring, […]

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Last stop for MetroCard in NYC
Last Stop for MetroCards in NYC

On a recent trip to NYC, my family crowded around an ancient MetroCard dispenser in the 42nd Street station.  It was (of course) uncooperative, and we became increasingly frustrated until an MTA officer signaled to us.  He gestured to simply tap our credit card on the turnstile and wa-la – we were through!  Yes, it’s […]

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performance trip ideas for student choirs
6 Sensational Performance Trip Ideas for Student Choirs

When you’re ready to plan a performance trip but you’re not sure where to go, we’ve got you covered.  Here are 6 sensational performance trip ideas for student choirs guaranteed to hit the high notes! New York City and MCP Your choir can perform on stage in famous venues with exceptional guest faculty when you […]

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