A History of Excellence

For over 20 years, Kaleidoscope Adventures has been providing the finest educational and performance travel programs to students throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our history of excellence is demonstrated in the testimonials of those groups who have traveled with us over the years. Theres a saying that goes Its the little things that make a BIG difference. Although this is a clich, it is often very true, especially within the student travel industry. Kaleidoscope Adventures prides itself on providing flawless planning and execution of every detail of the trip to ensure that it is successful. Our mission is simple:

Provide our clients with the opportunity to learn, have fun and experience the world from a new perspective through travel.

We accomplish our mission by providing the best educational value, offering peace-of-mind travel, keeping the curriculum and budget objectives in mind, choosing the best suppliers, providing every tour with a tour director and bringing the classroom to life! Kaleidoscope Adventures is right there to support each group before they travel, while they are on their tour and when they return home. At Kaleidoscope Adventures, we take student travel seriously! It really is the little things that do make a BIG difference in creating not only a successful trip, but memories that will last a lifetime!

Benefits to Parents

At Kaleidoscope Adventures, we continually strive to provide the best service for parents. From our sales and operations team that works with your teacher/sponsor to prepare the trip, to our tour directors who travel with each group to ensure a smooth tour, Kaleidoscope Adventures is with you every step of the way. Kaleidoscope Adventures has served parents for over 17 years, providing excellent service to families throughout the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, we work hard at making the trip both an enjoyable and easy experience for you and your child. Below is a list of peace-of-mind benefits that Kaleidoscope Adventures provides its parents:

    • SECURITY FOR EACH PARTICIPANT: Planning for the security of each tour participant is our number one priority in every tour we build. It starts with the preparation of your trip details. Kaleidoscope Adventures books only indoor-corridor full-service hotels, late-model motorcoaches and hires highly experienced/trained personnel. Each tour director is given an emergency management guide created exclusively for Kaleidoscope Adventures clients. On-site staff and constant communication ensure that we plan a safe experience for your child.
    • ACCREDITATION: Being a company that specializes in student travel and is committed to integrity, honesty, value and service, Kaleidoscope Adventures is proud to be members of:
American Bus Association (ABA)
Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA)
National Association for Music Education (NAFME formerly MENC)
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
International Air Transport Association(IATA)
Central Florida Better Business Bureau (BBB)

To be members of each of the above-mentioned associations, Kaleidoscope Adventures has passed licensing requirements, met stringent insurance and bonding levels, maintains a current emergency management plan and demonstrates financial stability.

    • TRAVEL PROTECTION:Kaleidoscope Adventures offers Travel Protection, through Travel Insured International, to help protect your trip investment from unforeseen circumstances. We encourage you to consider purchasing this travel protection for your son or daughter. A copy of the Plan Document will be provided to you, which contains benefit and coverage details.
    • MAKING PAYMENTS: Payment guidelines for your trip are found with your teacher or sponsor. Any payment questions should be directed to the teacher or sponsor.
    • SUPPORT: At Kaleidoscope Adventures, we have a dedicated staff available for teacher/sponsor, parent and student questions.
    • NEWFOUND CONFIDENCE: After tracing the footsteps of our founding fathers, studying the many types of ecosystems, performing on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC, or even simply visiting a theme park, students cant help but see new possibilities in our great country, in their abilities and in their future. In addition to gaining a greater cultural sensitivity and perspective of their studies, students return home feeling more confident and independent qualities that stay with them throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.
    • HIGHER GRADES: When students travel with Kaleidoscope Adventures, theyre not just learning about other destinations, cultures and sometimes languages; theyre living it. These hands-on experiences allow students to truly connect with their studies in many new ways. Our tours pique students intellectual curiosity which translates into increased academic success upon their return.
    • FRIENDSHIPS: Students who travel on a Kaleidoscope Adventures tour develop lasting friendships who share in the life-changing experience of traveling in a group. Many of these special friendships often endure into adulthood.

The team at Kaleidoscope Adventures can customize a complete travel package catered to your needs and curriculum. We will assist you with hotel accommodations, transportation, attraction tickets, meals, sightseeing, shopping, special events, and unique performance venues plus more.