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 Stellar Student Scholarship Application


Why Should Students Travel?

Travel is a critical piece of understanding the world around us and student travel is one of the best teaching tools available to educators.  We are a global society, connected by technology.  However, nothing can replace the human experience of engaging with a culture that may differ from our own.  In some cases, visiting a different city qualifies as cultural awareness!  Traveling lets students know that the world is bigger than where they live and that people are different, yet very much the same.

The Trip Connections team believes all students deserve the opportunity to explore the world as part of a well-rounded education.  Travel has been proven to positively impact academic and social performance. Kids who travel have a strong sense of their place in the world, are more tolerant and respectful of others, are more collaborative and adapt more readily to new situations.


What is the Stellar Student Scholarship?

The Stellar Student Scholarship is a 100% paid trip for a qualified student. This is someone who has demonstrated leadership among peers, an improvement in academic or performance skills, or simply needs a financial helping hand.  The Stellar Student Scholarship is an opportunity to recognize one outstanding student’s achievements and give him/her a chance to experience the world beyond the classroom.

What Determines Eligibility?

Students are eligible for a Stellar Student Scholarship based on simple criteria.  Students must be:

  • registered for his/her school trip
  • in good academic standing with his/her school
  • active in community service projects or volunteer activities
  • actively working to fund the trip through other means


Who Can Apply?

Students apply for this unique opportunity.  Applications MUST include a letter of recommendation from a teacher, band director or administrator.  Applicants MUST also agree to a post-travel reflection, which may include a written letter, photo or video response about the experience.

How Much of the Trip is Funded? 

The entire cost of the trip will be funded for winning applicants.  Additional expenses such as souvenirs, meals or attractions not included in your package, or extra snacks will not be covered.  Only expenses covered in the travel package will be paid by the scholarship.

What’s the Application Deadline?

If the trip is planned between October and February, application deadline is September 30th

If the trip is planned between March and September, application deadline is January 30th