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Travel is a window to the world.  Student travel is especially important.  It allows young people to experience cultures, places and people that differ from their own.  The world is so much bigger than they may realize.  Exploring it through travel is an essential piece of a well-rounded education.  Unfortunately, there are many students who simply can’t afford to join the class or performance trip.  Kaleidoscope Adventures, a leader in the student travel industry for 25 years, understands the challenges that can interfere with opportunity.  To that end, the Stellar Student Scholarship Program was created.

Stellar Student Scholarship

The Stellar Student Scholarship is a 100% paid trip for a deserving student.  If you have booked a trip with Kaleidoscope Adventures (or are in the process of contracting), you can nominate a worthy student.  Perhaps this is someone who has demonstrated leadership among peers, an improvement in academic or performance skills, or simply needs a financial helping hand.  The Stellar Student Scholarship is an opportunity to recognize one outstanding student’s achievements and give him/her a chance to experience the world beyond the classroom.

Nomination Criteria

  • The student must be registered for his/her school trip
  • The student is in good academic standing with his/her school
  • The student must be active in community service projects or volunteering with the intent of making the world a better place
  • An essay written by the student explaining why he/ she deserves a scholarship and how travel can help shape their future (at least 500 words but no more than 750 please)

Send Nomination To

Submit a letter highlighting the character and attributes of the student you wish to nominate and the reasons for your nomination.  Nominations can be submitted to

Please note that only one student per school is eligible. 

Nomination Deadlines

  • September 30th (if traveling October through February)
  • January 30th (if traveling March through September)

About Kaleidoscope Adventures

Kaleidoscope Adventures is a company rooted in the conviction that travel is an essential piece of the academic puzzle.  Founded and headed by a teacher, the staff at KA understands what it takes to make student travel a reality for ALL students.  For more information about Kaleidoscope Adventures or the Stellar Student Scholarship, click or call (407) 345-4899.