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7 Smart Ways to Save When You Plan a Class Trip

Student travel is a fantastic way to give students a taste of the world around them.  But it usually comes with a hefty price tag- especially now!  However, there are some really smart ways to save when you plan a class trip.  And they just might help give every student a chance to experience travel! […]

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time to plan for midwest clinic 2022
Time to Plan for Midwest Clinic 2022

What is The Midwest Clinic? It’s time to plan for Midwest Clinic 2022 – the largest instrumental music education conference in the world!  For 76 years, it’s been a forum for the finest ensemble performances, expert presentations, and the most current trends in the industry.  Midwest has more than 50 clinics, 90 concerts, new music […]

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let a student trip planner be your expert GPS
Let A Student Trip Planner Be Your Expert GPS

You Have Enough to Do…Let A Student Trip Planner Be Your Expert GPS As a former teacher, I get it.  Teachers and directors are under daily pressure to meet the needs of students, the administration, and the community.  You bring your “A” game every day to ensure your students have every opportunity to succeed – […]

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student choirs can perform at hearts and hopes of heroes
Student Choirs Can Perform in Hearts and Hopes of Heroes

Veteran’s Day is a time to proudly remember those who have served our nation.  Students across the country pay tribute to the men and women in uniform by marching in parades, hosting breakfasts, and playing concerts.  Now student choirs can perform in Hearts and Hopes of Heroes – a patriotic mass choir event in Branson […]

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plan a 2024 Disney performance trip
5 Things You Need to Know Right Now About Your Disney Group Trip

As student group travel returns in force to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, expect some changes. The parks have not been immune to the staff shortages and other pandemic fallout we see at our favorite restaurants and attractions.  As a result, how you plan your Disney group trip may look a little different than […]

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6 Ways to Celebrate #marchforth

Leprechauns aren’t the only ones with a special day this month – March 4th is National Marching Music Day!  #marchforth celebrates marching music in all its forms.  It honors talented musicians who compose and perform the toe-tapping tunes that keep our military moving and our stadiums rocking. A Little Marching Band History Everyone gets excited […]

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5 surprising student destinations for 2022
5 Surprising Student Destinations for 2022

Every day we are inundated with new travel updates, restrictions, requirements, and closures.  How do you plan a student trip?  Where do you go?  We’ve got you covered with 5 surprising student travel destinations for 2022 – and you just may want to check them out! We’ll show you why Charleston, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, […]

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booking buses and driving through the night
Booking Buses and Driving Through the Night

It seems like such a good idea.  Load the bus after school, hit the road, and let the kids sleep through the night.  They’ll wake refreshed just as you arrive at your destination and be ready for a great of exploring and excitement. But the reality is that the students probably won’t sleep and will […]

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Update payment info for a KA trip
Update Your Payment Info for a KA Trip

You registered for your child’s KA trip but forgot to use the credit card that earns you points.  Or maybe your card was compromised and now you have a new one.  Maybe you won the lottery and no longer need to split payments among cards (wouldn’t THAT be awesome?) Whatever the reason, you can quickly […]

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how to update info on a KA trip
How to Update Info for a KA Trip

Keeping everything organized is much simpler with the KA registration and payment platform powered by WeTravel.  However, important information does occasionally change, like addresses, allergies, or even emergency contacts.  Your trip leader will need access to the most current information to ensure your child’s experience is the best it can be.   Here’s How to […]

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how to make payments on a KA trip
How to Make Payments on a KA Trip

Paying for the school trip can be a strain on our wallets – especially in these difficult times.  But KA makes it a little easier by allowing you to make payments online using a credit card or bank card. Pay your initial deposit and then make additional payments on the schedule set by your trip […]

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Add trip protection to your KA trip
Add Trip Protection to Your KA Trip in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve sold the cookie dough, bought the scratch-offs, and have finally paid the balance of your child’s school trip.  Whew!  It’s a hefty investment but well worth the effort.  Travel is an important part of education.  In fact, 54% of teachers organize travel because it positively impacts academic performance!   5 Fabulous Reasons Kids Should […]

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