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New Year – New Rules for Student Travel

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by Rhoda Venture
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(Getting Ready for Your Student Trip)

Schools are back to business.  Buses are running, desks are occupied, and teachers are happily doing what they love.  Students are also doing what they love – traveling with their friends!

Student travel is an important part of educating our children.  Whether it’s a park performance, a history trip, or just a chance to celebrate the school year, travel allows students to experience a world beyond class walls.

5 Fabulous Reasons Kids Should Travel


But the rules for student travel have changed a bit during the last few years.  There are things you need to know that weren’t even on your radar before.

It’s a new year – and here are some of the new rules for student travel!

vaccine card


Schools have always required certain immunizations for students, but none has been as controversial as the COVID-19 vaccine.  Love it or hate it, it’s now part of our student travel dialogue as well.

As with everything pandemic-related, the rules for vaccines change (literally) daily.  Depending on your destination, you may or may not need proof of vaccine status.

For example, if your group is traveling to NYC for a Broadway show, you no longer need to present proof of vaccination before entering the theater.  Masks are optional as well.


Vaccination and Mask Policy for Broadway Shows in NYC

New Rule #1:  Check the vaccine requirements of your destination before you begin to plan

capacity limits

Capacity Limits

Thankfully, capacity limits at hotels, restaurants, and attractions have been lifted in most states.  However, some local communities are re-instating them.

Click Here for AARP’s Recent State by State Restriction Guide

When planning a student group trip, be sure you know the requirements of your destination AND your parents.

Remember that some families may be more comfortable with smaller crowds or open spaces.

Remember, too, that some attractions are limiting the number of groups that can visit or are requiring timed tickets for groups.

New Rule #2:  Check the capacity limits at hotels, restaurants, and attractions before booking

travel protection

Travel Protection

We’re all just a little bit wiser than we were in 2020.  And that includes protecting our financial investments!

When students sign up for the trip, be sure to offer travel protection to help safeguard against any unexpected surprises.

Some student travel planning companies like Kaleidoscope Adventures offer post-departure protection as a gift to travelers – a great perk!

But parents should also consider purchasing supplemental policies like CfAR (Cancel for Any Reason) if they are offered.  Learn more by clicking below.

Travel Protection 101

New Rule #3:  Purchase the optional trip protection

new rules for student travel


Communicating with parents and administration has always been pivotal to a successful trip.  But now more than ever, you need to be ultra-transparent with your planning!

Plan several parent meetings during the months leading up to the trip, email itinerary details and chaperone info, and use one of the many communication apps to stay connected while you are away.

Great Travel Apps for Student Groups

New Rule #4:  Keep the lines of communication open from start to finish

packing for a student trip

Packing for the Trip

Not much has changed here – with one big exception!  Be sure your travelers ALWAYS pack a mask!  You never know when a mask might be required so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A Handy Guide for Packing for the Student Trip

New Rule #5:  Always pack a mask

A New Year – New Rules for Student Travel

As we look forward to our 2022 adventures, remember the new rules for student travel

  1. Check vaccine requirements
  2. Investigate capacity limits
  3. Offer optional travel protection to purchase
  4. Communicate frequently
  5. Pack a mask

When in doubt, count on the experts at Kaleidoscope Adventures to help.  KA makes planning a student trip so easy – you’ll love the convenience of KA’s online payment and registration, crowdfunding feature, and exceptional customer care.

KA does travel beyond expectations!

*Updated December 2022


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