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Great Travel Apps For Student Groups

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by Rhoda Venture
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We live in a world dominated by apps and easy access. We use apps to find our way around, order food, shop, entertain ourselves, organize schedules, etc. They make our lives easier and so much more convenient. Travel is no exception. There are lots of great travel apps for student groups that can help make planning and executing your student trip simple and fun! Here are a few great options…


Remind lets you communicate faster with real-time messaging for the group. You can schedule reminders or provide updates to the itinerary as needed.


Groupme is an app that works on every device and functions like a private chat room for your group. It’s free group messaging for quick updates and alerts – perfect for traveling student groups.


Cluster is a simple, user-friendly app that can create group text threads with photos, videos or all-important messages. Members are by invitation only, keeping your communication private.


MyTSA app is a super helpful resource for groups traveling by air.  It gives travelers up-to-date airport info (including how busy your airport might be!) along with tips for what to pack and how to prepare for screening.  It’s great for first-time flyers or seasoned travel pros!

Group Travel Videos™

Group Travel Videos™ is one of our favorite student travel resources. They have an app that allows you to upload and share photos while you travel! These photos will be used to create a masterpiece of memories as a hard copy digital video AND a streaming digital version that can be stored on whatever media you choose. You can even provide your own performance music or live video clips to be added at no charge!

Group Travel Videos™ has also added a geo-mapping and messaging feature to their app as well. It allows the teacher to view where the class is while on tour and can message a single traveler or the entire group. It’s really an outstanding communication tool for travelers and a huge reassurance for nervous parents.

Traveling with students is a lot easier if you make the most of the helpful resources and tools available. These are just a few great options that can save you time, energy, and (possibly) your sanity!

great travel apps for student groups

*Updated June 2023

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