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Teacher Tips For Promoting Trips

by Rhoda Venture
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If you travel with students, you know how much work goes into planning the perfect trip. When you put your heart and soul into organizing, it’s incredibly frustrating when sign-ups don’t go as planned. You’re not alone. Others (many others!) have been through this process and can share some great tips for promoting trips.

Plan with A Partner

If you have a teaching partner or good friend in your building, ask them to join the trip! You’ll gain a much broader base of support for your adventure if you take it beyond your own classroom walls.

Hype It In Class

Talk up the trip with your students at every opportunity. Share snippets from the destination you’ll be visiting. Relate your instructional content to the trip. Find unique ways to catch students’ interest. For example, if you’re heading to Boston, read Robert McCloskey’s “Make Way for Ducklings” to your class. If you know Ford’s Theatre is part of your itinerary, introduce them to “Our American Cousin,” the ill-fated play that Lincoln was watching on the night of his assassination. There are lots of ways to make your trip relevant and engaging for students!

Host A Parent Meeting

Host an informational parent meeting as early as possible. Getting students interested is half the battle; getting parents on board is a bit trickier. Bringing everyone together to discuss trip details, share benefits of student travel, address safety concerns will fast track your trip. Once parents are comfortable with the itinerary, sign-ups are a snap.

Embrace Social Media

Use social media to your advantage. Some of us may not appreciate the value of Instagram or Twitter but I guarantee your students do! Find creative ways to post information or build excitement for the trip. Maybe you’ll even go viral!

Make it Affordable

Keep the trip costs in check by offering fundraising opportunities. There are some awesome fundraisers available beyond the usual car wash or candy sale to make your trip accessible to all.

Count on the Experts

When in doubt, contact the expert trip planners at Kaleidoscope Adventures for a helping hand. You’ll have access to the best tips and tools as well as the collective experience of more than 25 years in the student travel industry. KA’s reputation for excellence is unparalleled and highly recommended among educators.

As you begin to plan, keep these tips for promoting trips in mind. A little effort goes a long way in pumping up participation and making your journey a success!

How to Plan A School Trip

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