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More to See in NYC

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by Rhoda Venture
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If you’re planning a student trip to NYC, you’re sure to have a few standard favorites on the itinerary:

  • Broadway
  • Times Square
  • Empire State Building
  • Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

You may even be planning stops at some fresh new venues like Little Island or Hudson Yards.

What’s the Big Buzz Around Little Island in New York City?

But don’t forget there’s more to see in NYC.  The city is made up of five boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan.)  And there’s a lot more to explore outside of midtown!

Here are a few fun, student-friendly spots that you may want to include on your next trip.  Let’s break it down by borough…

more to see in NYC Bronx


The Bronx

Most of us know the Bronx as home to America’s largest zoo and Yankee Stadium.  But it’s also the birthplace of hip-hop, Edgar Allen Poe’s past residence, and the site of a beautiful public beach.

Universal Hip Hop Museum

The world’s first hip hop museum was founded by Rocky Bucano and a group of iconic entrepreneurs and artists including Kurtis Blow, Ice T, LL Cool J, Nas, and many others.

It’s a space to learn, create, inspire, and understand the history and culture of hip hop.

more to see in NYC hip hop


Hudson River Museum

This magnificent cultural complex highlights the history of the Hudson River Valley and its role in America’s growth.  It also includes science exhibits, galleries, a planetarium, and more.

more to see in NYC Queens


Queens is known as NYC’s most ethnically diverse borough.  Food, art, and culture are full display throughout the various neighborhoods.  Here are 3 must-dos in Queens:

Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image is a media museum located in a former building of the historic Astoria Studios.  It’s a one-of-a-kind attraction dedicated to the art, history, technique, and technology of moving images of every kind.

Jim Henson Legacy

Tucked right into the Museum of the Moving Image is the Jim Henson Legacy.  Kids of all ages can stroll down memory lane with their favorite characters from Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock.

Kermit and Jim Henson Legacy

Forty-seven puppets (including Kermit and Miss Piggy!) are on display, along with more than 300 other Henson objects.  Take part in an education program, take in a film screening, or try your hand puppeteering!

Louis Armstrong House Museum

Did you know that Louis Armstrong was one of the world’s best-known musicians in 1943 when he chose to move to a humble home in Queens?

The legendary jazz singer’s life and legacy are archived here at this National Historic Landmark.  No one has lived here since he and his wife, Lucille, were in residence, so it has remained relatively unchanged.

You can hear home recordings, explore the jazz collection, and learn how Armstrong deeply impacted civil and humanitarian rights.

More to see in NYC Brooklyn


Brooklyn is made for the selfie generation.  Its cosmopolitan vibe, trendy eateries, and love of all things vintage draw the young and young at heart!

Coney Island Museum

This one is fun for everyone!  The Coney Island Museum is dedicated to “defending the honor of pop culture” – including the amusement district’s first hot dog and escalator ride.  It’s an incredible collection of photos and other memorabilia that capture our obsession with fun and amusement since the 1870s.

The museum is open seasonally beginning in April so check the calendar before you go.

more to see in NYC Coney Island

New York Transit Museum

Located in an authentic 1936 subway station in downtown Brooklyn, the New York Transit Museum tells the story of mass transportation.  It’s a full city block of vintage subway cars, historic collections, tunnels, even a time-travel turnstile!

Heads up – reservations are now required, along with masks and proof of vaccine.

More to see in NYC Staten Island

Staten Island

There are tons of historical landmarks and great shopping on Staten Island.  It’s also home to a really cool museum!

National Lighthouse Museum

Just as the name implies, the National Lighthouse Museum spotlights (see what I did there?) the history of lighthouses and the technology that makes them work.  Group tours are available by reservation, or you can choose a self-guided tour.

Once you’ve explored the museum, hop a boat to visit lighthouses that can’t be seen from the coast, ship graveyards, and bird sanctuaries.

Broadway Inbound


We all think of Manhattan when we think of NYC.  The hustle and bustle of the city streets, the quiet beauty of Central Park, the dynamic energy of Broadway, and the countless funky shops and restaurants draw us in.

But as you explore all that Manhattan has to offer, don’t forget these little gems!

Tenement Museum

This is one of THE BEST places for student groups!  The Tenement Museum landmark building is a fascinating peek of immigrant life in NYC between the 19th and 21st centuries.  Its lessons are taught through the personal stories of those who lived, worked, and died here.

20th century immigrants

Couple this experience with a trip to Ellis Island for a deeper understanding of the role of immigration and our nation’s evolving identity.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum offers a rare opportunity for the youth of today to interact with the heroes of the past.  Precious few years remain that will allow younger generations to spend time face to face with those who served on ships like the Intrepid.

Age-appropriate STEM and history programs encourage a greater understanding of the ship, its crew, and its role in history.  Capture these teachable moments before they slip away!

National Museum of Mathematics

MoMath is an award-winning museum packed with engaging exhibits, galleries, and programs designed to spark curiosity and interest in math.

Explore a world where wheels are square, patterns rule, and shapes become sculpture.  It all “adds” up to a great student stop!

New York City is for Students

More to See in NYC

There’s so much more to see in NYC than just the standard favorites.  These are just a select few of the uniquely intriguing museums you’ll find in the 5 boroughs of the city.


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