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Get Your Student Trip School Board Approved

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by Rhoda Venture
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You planned an amazing student trip and now you need school board approval to make it happen. The first thing you should know is that EVERY district is different. However, we know a few tips that may simplify the process. Wherever you teach, get your student trip school board approved by following some standard guidelines…

Have A Plan

Clearly communicate the purpose of your trip and identify the type of trip you’re planning. Is it a performance trip? STEM or history trip? Will it foster cultural or language development? Demonstrate how your travel meets the curricular requirements and learning goals outlined by your state.

Next, be prepared to answer questions about the itinerary, trip costs, travel protection, chaperones and fundraising.

Finally, know the size of your group, days of travel and most importantly, the number of instructional days students will miss.

Stick to Your “Principals”

Once you’ve outlined your goals and all the trip details, schedule a meeting with your school administrator. The principal can review your plan and help you adjust where necessary. Enlisting the support of your administrator strengthens the case you hope to make with the board.

Talk Up Your Trip Planner

Your trip planning partner should be experienced and trustworthy. It’s up to you to assure the board that the company with which you are working is reliable.

Be sure to have copies of the company’s certificate of insurance, licensing and professional affiliations. Proof of membership in organizations like the Student Youth Travel Association also demonstrates credibility.

3 Things to Know: The Importance of Using A SYTA Member Tour Operator

Experience counts! Partner with a company that has a track record of success and customer loyalty. When it’s time to approach the school board, a fly by night company won’t cut it.

Safety is Key

Safety is everyone’s number one priority. Include a safety/emergency plan in your board proposal. You trip planner should have this available upon request. Be sure to address procedures for hotels, parks, transportation, cities and more.

How To Travel Safely With Students

Next, share any communication apps you plan to use while traveling.  Apps let you stay in touch with students during daily updates or emergency situations. Assure board members that you’ve taken the steps necessary to create a constant flow of dialogue among teachers, students and chaperones.

Let’s Go!

You’ve developed a plan, rallied support from school administrators and partnered with a reputable student trip planner. Now it’s time to go to the board…

Get fired up for your presentation! Let them know that this trip is an outstanding learning opportunity for students. Student travel is one of the best teaching tools available to educators and a highlight of the school year for students. Be energetic, excited and confident as you speak.  Enthusiasm is contagious!

While every district is unique, these are five tried and true ways to get your student trip school board approved. A little planning and preparation go a long way in helping you achieve your travel learning goals.

If you need a little help getting clearance from the top, contact the expert student trip planners at Kaleidoscope Adventures. More than 25+ years of experience and a former teacher at the helm means they know just what you need to green light your adventure.  Go get ‘em!

How to Plan A School Trip

5 Steps to Getting School Board Approval for Your Student Trip


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