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We can plan a trip for your student group to any location. Here are some of our most popular.

Kaleidoscope Adventures knows where students want to go! Whether you’re heading to our nation’s capital for the ultimate civics lesson or checking out the sights and sounds of the Music City, Kaleidoscope will customize your student travel experience to meet your group’s needs!

Travel through time to historic Williamsburg, embrace the energy of iconic Times Square, zip-line through the stunning Smoky Mountains or meet the famous mouse that resides in Orlando! If you can dream it, Kaleidoscope Adventures will make it happen! We provide unrivaled value and service for student and performance groups traveling to the very best student destinations!

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Anaheim is a unique California destination with a vibrant yet laid-back vibe, creative spirit and diverse range of activities and attractions.  Featuring world-class theme parks, trendy beaches, and a variety of practice and performance venues, Anaheim is the perfect starting point for any student adventure. 

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Atlanta, Georgia is brimming with exciting attractions, world-class museums, unique historical sites, signature shopping, major league sports and delectable dining.  Warm southern hospitality, coupled with a rich history and modern amenities, makes Atlanta a student group favorite!

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Boston is a stunning city in which the past co-exists beautifully with the present.  Famous for its role in the American Revolution, the city is proud of its many historical sites, attractions, monuments and museums.  It’s also a hotbed of modern attractions and activities tailor-made for class trips of all types.

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Welcome to Branson- where fun is first!  Branson is an ideal student destination, packed with entertainment, outdoor adventure and thrilling attractions.  Dance teams love Branson for its unique venues, expert workshops and performance opportunities. Kaleidoscope Adventures has a long-standing relationship with Branson’s finest entertainers, offering students experiences they won’t find anywhere else.

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Charlotte is truly a dynamic destination for student groups.  It’s warm, welcoming and packed with exciting attractions, historical sites, museums, NASCAR racing and sports venues.  STEM groups, marching bands, sports and other student groups will find a place to shine in Charlotte!

Chicago Thumbnail


If you’re ready to shake up the usual class trip itinerary, consider Chicago- recently named one of the Student Youth Travel Association’s Top Ten Student Destinations in the U.S.  Chicago’s vibrant energy draws you in to explore all her nooks and crannies, from her famous shoreline to the Magnificent Mile. Students will love all the Windy City has to offer.

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Cleveland is enjoying a grand resurgence!  Sports culture, industry, film, television, fine arts, health care and museums all contribute to a thriving economy, making Cleveland an outstanding student travel destination.  Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, there are few cities that can rival the beauty and vibrance of Cleveland. It’s a perfect fit for STEM groups, drama clubs, marching and concert bands, choirs and sports teams!

Dallas / Fort Worth Thumbnail

Dallas / Fort Worth

Your student group will “live large” in Dallas!  This is a city brimming with big dreams and vitality, exciting attractions and world-class education and performance opportunities.  Marching bands, concert bands and STEM groups will all find a warm welcome here.   Explore with confidence and a sense of adventure in Dallas!

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Hawaii is home to pristine beaches, WWII historical sites, unusual and distinct museums, and thrilling outdoor adventures.  It offers an abundance of top-notch performance options and extraordinary educational opportunities.  Student groups will love this tropical paradise and its Aloha spirit!

Hershey / Lancaster Thumbnail

Hershey / Lancaster

Hershey, PA is the perfect destination for student groups of all types, offering a world-class theme park and the sweetest experience imaginable!

Just a few minutes down the road is a place steeped in history and Amish tradition- Lancaster, PA.  Lancaster is a unique stop with a ton of student group-friendly attractions and activities to enjoy.

Memphis Thumbnail


Memphis is a powerful city with a rich musical and historical heritage.  Dripping with southern hospitality, student groups will love its energy and soul.  Music, education, sports and performance groups will shine brightly in this blend of culture and innovation.

Myrtle Beach Thumbnail

Myrtle Beach

A great location, mild climate and exciting attractions make Myrtle Beach a perfect choice for student groups.  It’s home to thrilling attractions, live entertainment, scores of performance venues and sports competitions.  Let’s not forget those stunning beaches and outdoor adventures as well!  Myrtle Beach checks everyone’s boxes for a good time.

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Nashville is a big city with small town hospitality. Packed with outstanding attractions, first-class museums, behind-the-scenes tours, pro-sports and more, Nashville is perfect for students.  Exciting educational opportunities and unique, performance-friendly venues are hallmarks of a successful student trip to the Music City!

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New Orleans

New Orleans is brimming with Creole charm and a unique history that students will love!  As the birthplace of jazz, it’s a perfect destination for marching bands, concert bands, choirs and music groups of all kinds.  It also has an abundance of educational experiences, museums, historical sites, and culturally significant attractions.  As you plan your class trip, remember that New Orleans has a magic all its own.

New York City Thumbnail

New York City

New York City has an energy that is unrivaled and perfect for an energetic student group.  NYC is diverse, exciting, and culturally impactful.  It’s filled with incredible attractions, iconic landmarks, top-rated museums, Broadway shows, pro sports, world-class shopping and more.  Marching and concert bands, dance teams, theatre groups, orchestras, choral ensembles and education groups will fall in love with the city that doesn’t sleep!

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Orlando is one of the most popular travel destinations in America for all the right reasons! World-class theme parks, wet and wild water parks, engaging dinner theaters, delectable group dining and more make Orlando the perfect student destination.  Orlando boasts incredible performance venues like bowl games, music and dance festivals, and theme parks.  Fun in the sun and an abundance of attractions make it a perfect spot for class trips.  Orlando is truly magical for student groups of all types!

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Philadelphia has so much to see and do, you may need to stay an extra day!  Student groups will tour iconic symbols of American history, visit world-class museums and explore charming neighborhoods. It’s an historic destination packed with exciting attractions. As you plan your class trip, keep Philadelphia at the top of the list.  Oh- and don’t forget to pick a favorite cheesesteak- Geno’s or Pat’s!

Washington D.C. Thumbnail

Washington D.C.

Student trips to Washington D.C. are the best civics lesson a student can experience. Our nation’s capital and its surrounding regions are rich in politics, history, culture, art and architecture.  Washington D.C. is also a hub for STEM related activities and a stellar student group destination.  There’s a reason it’s one of the most visited cities in the world- check it out for yourself!

Williamsburg Thumbnail


Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is the “world’s largest living history museum.”  As you step onto the gravel roadways, you are stepping back in time to the 18th century.  Visit the apothecary, talk to the artisans and craftsman of the era, and engage in political discussions relevant to the day as the colonists debate a war of independence. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget (especially if you manage to land in the stocks!!)  Plan your class trip to Williamsburg!

Smoky Mountains Thumbnail

Smoky Mountains

Outdoor adventure, epic entertainment and a backdrop of breathtaking beauty await your student group in the great Smoky Mountains.  There are countless opportunities for STEM instruction, performances, or an exceptional class trip.  Southern hospitality and fun abound in the Smokies.

Virginia Beach/Norfolk Thumbnail

Virginia Beach/Norfolk

Virginia Beach is a quintessential east coast beach town, boasting long boardwalks, beautiful beaches and fabulous food!  Virginia Beach is a great student group-friendly destination, packed with attractions, outdoor adventures and a bevy of fun things to do.

Norfolk is a hub for all things maritime-related.  One of the first shipyards in America and host to the battle of The Monitor and Merrimack, Norfolk is now home to the largest naval base in the world.  Class trips, choirs, marching bands or anyone with an interest in nautical happenings will fall in love with Norfolk!

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