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Steeped in history and mystery, Gettysburg is a great destination for students, too.


Gettysburg National Military Park

If you are traveling to Gettysburg with students, a stop at the Gettysburg National Military Park is probably at the top of the trip checklist.  The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War and the inspiration for Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  Programs are available for all ages, as well as free, ranger-led tours of key battlefield moments.  There’s really nothing quite like the experience of walking on these hallowed grounds to truly make history come alive for students!

Gettysburg Diorama

A fully-narrated light and sound show, the Gettysburg Diorama has the entire 6,000-acre battlefield in one place.  Students will be amazed by the incredible detail of the display during the 30-minute presentation of the three-day battle.

Songs and Stories of A Civil War Hospital

Christ Lutheran Church is the oldest building in Gettysburg in continuous use for worship and served as a hospital from the first day of battle and for 5 weeks.  True stories of soldiers (Union and Confederate), doctors and nurses who worked valiantly to save lives are presented through readings of soldiers’ journals and a citizen-nurse’s diary, live civil war music, poetry of Walt Whitman (who served as a civil war nurse for 3 years) and passages from the Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address (the Gettysburg Address).  Students are given the name of a soldier who was a patient at the hospital and whose fate is revealed at the end of the program (did he live or die?)

Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours

Don’t miss a chance to get up close and personal with some of Gettysburg’s best haunts and eerie sightings!  The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours have been around since 1994 and are based on true stories from Mark Nesbitt’s “Ghosts of Gettysburg” book series and have been featured on “Unsolved Mysteries.”

Shriver House Museum- The Civilian Experience

The Shriver House gives students a different lens through which to view the battle- a civilian perspective.  This 1860 home in the heart of the historic district has been meticulously restored and frozen in time, and features members of the Shriver family sharing their experiences of life before, during and after the war.


General Pickett’s Buffet

If you need a quick, home-cooked meal to fuel those insatiable teen appetites, General Pickett’s Buffet is a perfect choice.  Reasonable group rates (which include beverages and gratuity), two complimentary meals per bus and great food make General Pickett’s a group favorite.  It also has a gift shop to satisfy students’ needs to spend ALL their trip money (goodness knows they won’t take any home!).

Historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern

Historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern provides comfortable group accommodations, gracious hospitality and delectable dishes in a charming and historic setting.  Students can tour the oldest and most historic home in Gettysburg, check out the secret “underground railroad” hideout or visit the Country Curiosity Store.