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5 Things You Need to Know Right Now About Your Disney Group Trip

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by Rhoda Venture
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As student group travel returns in force to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, expect some changes. The parks have not been immune to the staff shortages and other pandemic fallout we see at our favorite restaurants and attractions.  As a result, how you plan your Disney group trip may look a little different than in the past.

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Updates to Disney group procedures and protocols are subject to change.  The team at Kaleidoscope Adventures is in constant contact with our Disney partners to keep you in the loop.

When you plan a Disney group trip with KA, know that we are sharing the latest information with you as soon as it is available to us.

5 Things You Need to Know Right Now About Your Disney Group Trip

Linking Park Tickets

You should NOT link your group tickets to the My Disney Experience App!  Unfortunately, linking tickets to the app may inadvertently affect the entire group’s reservations.

For example, one mom was traveling with her daughter’s cheer group and decided to visit a different park.  Her daughter’s group ticket was linked to the app, so when she changed her park reservation, everyone in the group was switched to that park without their knowledge.

While it was an honest mistake, it created a lot of chaos for everyone and cost the group time in their chosen park.

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The My Disney Experience App is a wonderful resource for navigating the parks.  You can track wait times, check park capacities, even order food.  However, it is designed primarily for individual use.  Group tickets function differently than regular admission tickets – please do NOT link them to the app.

Mobile Dining and Dining Reservations

Yes!  You may absolutely still use the My Disney Experience App for mobile dining orders and dining reservations.

The app makes ordering simple and efficient – saving you time waiting in line.  To learn more about how to place a mobile dining order, click below.

How to Place a Mobile Dining Order in 3 Simple Steps

Genie+ and Lightning Lane

Do NOT use the Genie+ or Lightning Lane app features.  Again, these were not designed for groups and will not function properly for group tickets.

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Park Hopper Tickets

If your group has park hopper tickets, you must first report to the park at which you have a reservation.  After 2:00 p.m., you can move to another park.

Please note- check the new park’s capacity on the app first to be sure they can accommodate you.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are currently optional for fully vaccinated guests in both outdoor and indoor locations. Guests who are not fully vaccinated should continue wearing face coverings in all indoor locations.

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Face coverings are still required on Disney transportation so be sure to have a mask with you at all times.

Click Here for Full Details and the Most Recent Updates

Your Disney group trip should be a magical experience.  As rules and procedures continue to evolve, KA will keep you informed so you are up-to-date.  Remember – travel right now is all about flexibility, preparedness, and PATIENCE! 


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