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Snow, What You’re Doing- Winter Travel Tips

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by Rhoda Venture

Winter this year has been like an old friend that doesn’t recognize that he’s worn out his welcome. It starts out as an unexpected visit, making you feel cozy and nostalgic. As time drags on, you realize you aren’t necessarily that close. In fact, you don’t really like him at all. Now you want him out of the house and he’s lingering over another cup of coffee! Yes, winter has definitely worn out its welcome for many and escaping its cold clutches definitely holds some appeal.

If you are considering a trip during this time of year, remember that winter travel can have its own unique challenges. Regardless of your destination, the effects of inclement weather can be far-reaching, making travel tricky. However, as is true with any travel, a little pre-planning can help ensure success.  Follow these winter travel tips to help your trip go smoothly.

Winter Travel Tips for Air Travel

  • If you are traveling by air, check your flight status often. Even if all is well at your departure point, weather conditions in other cities can affect your flight.
  • Consider catching the earliest flight possible. As the day goes on, delays can pile up! In addition, if your flight is delayed, you have more time to find a different flight. Your options tend to dwindle later in the day.
  • Avoid connecting flights when you can. A direct flight eliminates the risk of missing a connection due to poor weather conditions elsewhere.
  • Consider flying into alternate or second-tier airports. These are often in relatively close proximity to larger airports but don’t have the high passenger volume of larger airports.
  • Remember to toss a change of clothes and necessary medication into your carry-on. Better safe than sorry!

Winter Travel Tips for Road Travel

  • If you are traveling over the road, AAA has some important winter travel tips, including keeping the gas tank half full and avoiding driving in isolated areas.
  • If you have to drive in isolated areas, our friends at Overlandsite have some great tips to make that experience safer as well.
  • Remember to pack a safety kit, including a shovel, scraper, flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, water and food.
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged!
  • If traveling with students, be sure everyone has access to a text messaging service like the Remind app and parents have access to emergency procedures.
  • Be sure the vehicle in which you are traveling has been checked for winter readiness- including tires, brakes and all fluids.

Travel Protection

  • Regardless of the time of year, travel protection is always a great idea. In the winter months, travel protection is imperative. Protection is reasonably priced, while the peace of mind it provides during those unexpected travel delays and cancellations is priceless.

Travel can be a refreshing escape from Old Man Winter’s lengthy visit, especially if you have taken steps to prepare for it. Common sense, a few safety checks and a travel protection plan can help ensure a successful adventure!

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