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Hard Rock Cafe Rocks Your Student Group

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by Rhoda Venture
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Teenagers love two things: music and eating. I happen to have a teenager (of the male variety) and I can verify that music and eating top his daily to do list. I went from weekly grocery shopping to what feels like hourly grocery shopping in the span of two short years! Conversely, I have no idea what is on his playlist (and prefer to keep it that way). I do know, however, that if teenagers are well-fed and given a chance to kick back with some great music, they are ultimately happy campers.

Hard Rock Cafe rocks your student group

Enter Hard Rock Cafe, the perfect dining destination for your student group. Hard Rock Cafe is a master at knowing what kids like, from colossal, mouthwatering burgers to the sights and sounds of rock and roll! Hard Rock Cafe has tons of locations in great student destinations, each with a unique flavor and style.

Dedicated group menus

They cater to groups of 15 or more and can offer a dedicated menu- including those legendary burgers, golden, breaded chicken tenders, gooey mac and cheese, smoky pulled pork or a classic Caesar salad. The portions are monstrous (perfect for teens) and each meal is topped off with a warm and fully-loaded chocolate chip cookie. If you prefer alternative choices, they’ll work with you to design a menu that will perfectly satisfy the needs of your group.

Hard Rock Shop

While your group is in the house, they can browse the huge and varied collection of authentic rock and roll memorabilia. There’s much to see to keep the kids occupied, and the music is always pumping, keeping the energy of the trip high. Don’t forget to make a quick stop at the Hard Rock Shop for those all- important t-shirts!

Hard Rock Cafe rocks your student group. The staff is courteous, servers friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere made for fun! Hard Rock Cafe is an epic dining experience the students won’t soon forget!

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