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Why Are Scrunchies Back In A Big Way?

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by Rhoda Venture
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If you spend any time around teens or tweens, you may have picked up on a new trend. If you’re a child of the late 80s or early 90s, the trend may seem familiar. Little bits of elastic wrapped in colorful fabric are used in hair or found on wrists. They are stacked, wrapped or coiled. Ringing a bell? That’s right, the Scrunchie is on the scene!  The question is, why are Scrunchies back in a big way?

What’s a Scrunchie?

A Scrunchie is a fabric-covered, elastic hair tie. It was invented in 1967 but not widely used until it was patented in 1987. It was sold as a “Scunci” but evolved into the “Scrunchie” since the fabric can be “scrunched up.” They were much gentler on hair than elastic bands. You could also wear more than one on your wrist as stylish accessories. These were sometimes called bunch bangles. Any way you wore them, they accessorized those flowy, shoulder-padded outfits perfectly!

When were Scrunchies popular?

Scrunchies were wildly popular in the late 1980s and early 90s. Girls everywhere wore ponytails high and wrapped in rainbow-colored Scrunchies. Icons like Madonna made the velvet version a hit and TV shows like Full House put teen star power behind the trend. Grandmas everywhere were busy stitching up knockoffs to sell at craft shows or gift to granddaughters.

Why are Scrunchies popular now?

The Scrunchie revival is in full swing for several reasons. First, those of us (ahem) who wore these stretchy gems as teens are feeling nostalgic. After being uncool for so long, we’re happy to see them resurrected by our children and made cool again. The 20-year rule is in effect; what was old is new again!

Second, celebrities and social media fashionistas are championing the stretchy, style-saving wonders. VIPs like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez are sporting Scrunchies in high hair. Of course, let’s not forget that we are layering them on wrists as well. They’re a bright addition to an outfit and won’t cut off your circulation!
Finally, if you claim status as a “VSCO” girl (which is a blog for a different day), a Scrunchie is as essential to your status as a shell necklace!

Do Scrunchies on the wrist mean anything?

Scrunchies on the wrist are not just cute accessories – and they’re not just for girls! Guys will wear Scrunchies on their wrists as an indicator that they are in a relationship with someone. His significant other gifts him with a hair tie as a visible symbol of the relationship.

If you spend time with students, chances are you’ve seen the return of the Scrunchie. It may be made with new fabric or may have taken on new meaning, but it’s out there. Boys and girls are decking themselves in trendy, multi-colored bits of stretchy fun. In the halls or in the malls, Scrunchies are back in a big way! I guess it’s only a matter of time before my beloved banana clip makes a comeback- right? This child of the 80s will be ready and waiting!

why are scrunchies back

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