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5 Awesome Travel Blogs Teens Will Love

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by Rhoda Venture

My daughter is obsessed with Kara and Nate. She follows them everywhere and wants to do everything they do. This seems like pretty typical 7th-grade behavior, right? Sure, until you realize that Kara and Nate are travel bloggers with a wildly popular YouTube channel, not friends from school. My daughter is consumed with the idea of travel, and evidently so are many of her friends!  Blogs and vlogs are an amazing way for kids to explore the world virtually. They inspire adventure, promote critical thinking, encourage budgeting, even help prepare for potential travel-related careers. Here are 5 awesome travel blogs teens will love…

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate were broke newlyweds when they decided to sell their cars, move out of their apartment and buy one-way tickets to Tokyo. They set a goal to travel to 100 countries by the year 2020.


They blog and vlog to share travel hacks, budgeting tips, and their crazy adventures. They are PURE entertainment with an easy-going style and fun-loving attitude. No wonder they have nearly a million followers!

Dreamtime Traveler

Meet Reka, a teen traveler who’s been telling her stories of the world since starting out with her family and twin brother in 2011. She’s been to 52 countries on six continents, and her narratives highlight the people, cultures and history of humankind. Through these personal journeys, she motivates others to pursue their dreams. Oh- and one more small thing – she’s a PUBLISHED AUTHOR of her own novel Dawn of the Guardian! Pretty amazing stuff!

5 awesome travel blogs for teens

Dan Flying Solo

This guy spent 1467 days traveling between 2014-2018 and has lots of good advice to share. He really gets that life is a journey and not every experience can be the same. There’s something to learn in each adventure, though. Dan’s style is fun and engaging with more than a million page views (slightly up from his original 18!).

Nomadic Matt

This is a great travel blog because it’s not clouded with sponsors. Matt shows what real life on the road is like staying in budget motels, waiting for buses, and generally traveling like the average joe. There’s no sponsored content or paid trips – just a passion for travel as a life-changing experience.

Ha Long Bay


Aly is a psychology graduate turned world traveler. Her love for adventure shines through in a very real and relatable way. She uses her platform to show others how to live their best life through travel. She shares great destinations and advice while taking us along for the ride- and what a ride it is!

These are 5 awesome travel blogs for teens. They spotlight people, places, cultures, and foods that fascinate. More than that, they are an entrée into the world of travel. Just like my daughter (who is already planning her career path with travel in mind), kids will be hooked!

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*Updated June 2023

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