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What You Need to Know to Plan Your 2025 Disney Performance Trip

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by Rhoda Venture
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As Disney’s 100th Anniversary celebration wraps up, groups hoping to perform in 2025 are ramping up.  Here’s what you need to know to plan a 2025 Disney performance trip.

Peak Dates

The Walt Disney World®’s peak season is April 1st through April 20th and November 7th through December 31st.  Parks will be operating at maximum capacity and anticipate large crowds (park reservations are still required.)

The remaining calendar days are considered regular season dates.

Group Pricing During Peak Dates

In 2025, group prices during peak dates will be higher than in 2024. For example, a 3-day park hopper pass for groups will increase per person. However, this increase will not be as significant as the jump in 2024.

2025 Disney performance trip

Regular Season Group Pricing

Group pricing for regular season dates will also increase compared to 2024 pricing. The good news?  This increase will also be lower than what’s expected for peak dates.

If your travel dates overlap peak dates, you will be required to pay peak pricing for all tickets.

Book and Buy Early and SAVE

If you are planning your student group travel for 2025, Disney is offering a unique incentive! Purchase your 2025 tickets before December 20, 2024, and your group will be eligible to pay 2024 pricing.

This doesn’t happen often so book your groups early to lock down this great deal!

What About Workshops?

If you want to take part in a Disney Imagination Campus performance workshop, plan to add a few extra bucks per person in 2025.  Workshop and stage performances have a 15 person minimum and space will be limited – first-come, first-served!

Festival Disney and Disney Performances

New for 2025

Disney will be rolling out some terrific new workshop enhancements in 2025.  These include:

  • An art program highlighting iconic Disney landmarks led by a dynamic artist.
  • A multicultural music program that encourages students to explore music from several countries and its impact on Disney stories.
  • The Leadership Assembly for middle and high school groups of 65-175 and designed to give students real-life lessons in leadership from Disney Cast Members.

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Even Better News!

Audition and booking information for performances and workshops will be reviewed one year out and on a rolling basis.  Even better, you’ll know if you’ve been accepted within two weeks of submission! You’ll also find out the date and location of your performance/workshop upon acceptance.

No more stressful waiting to find out if you’re approved so you can get on with planning the rest of your trip!

5th Grade Grads

Walt Disney World will also introduce its new 5th Grade Graduation experience! This new program celebrates the jump from elementary to middle school with a fantastically fun day at Epcot.

  • One-day admission to Epcot
  • Meal voucher
  • Commemorative giveaway
  • Class photo behind the scenes in Epcot


Reservations for Tickets and Rooms

The per-ticket processing fee for park reservations appears to be here to stay. Tickets will not be upgradeable.

If you are staying on Disney property, plan on an average room rate increase as well (all pricing to be released soon.)


As Disney works to balance groups and non-group customers, performance spots may be limited during peak season. That means there may be fewer opportunities for groups who typically travel between February 13th and April 20th.

Marching performances will require a minimum of 40 members and stage performances a minimum of 15.

plan your 2025 Disney performance trip


What Does This All Mean for My Performance Group?

Park requirements and prices reflect the changing times, but there ARE some things you can do to help offset costs and crowds.

1. Be Flexible

If you can be flexible with your dates, consider booking during the regular season instead of peak times.  You may not be as limited in performance options and prices may fit your budget a little better.

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2. Consider Crowdfunding

When you book a trip with Kaleidoscope Adventures, you have the option to set up a simple and convenient individual traveler contributions page.  Grandma or Uncle Joe can help pay for the traveler’s trip via a unique link.

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3. Book Now!

Most importantly, if you are planning a 2025 Disney performance trip, the time to book is NOW!

Demand will be high and options for performances, accommodations, workshops, etc. may be limited.  The earlier you book for 2025, the better your chances of securing the dates you want.

Don’t forget – if you purchase your 2025 tickets in 2024, you’ll be eligible for 2024 pricing.

4. Entertain Alternatives

While we all love the magic of the mouse, there are other amazing performance options and venues that may fit your needs and price point perfectly.

Amazing (and Budget-Friendly!) Alternatives

When you begin planning your 2025 performance trip, consider a few of our favorite spots.

Destinations like Ireland or theme parks like Universal Studios just might be a refreshing change to the usual itinerary.  Not only that, but they are often MUCH more budget-friendly and welcoming to student groups.

Imagine being treated as VIPs instead of scrambling for a spot!!


Keith Kelly Ireland

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Planning Your 2025 Disney Performance Trip- Plan with a Great Partner!

If you’re planning a 2025 Disney performance trip, be sure to contact the expert team at Kaleidoscope Adventures first.

KA is a preferred Disney planning partner offering online registrations and payments, convenient crowdfunding options, and an expert team to make planning so simple.

They’ll help you navigate the ever-changing Disney landscape or inspire new adventures for your group!

Get A Free Quote for Your 2025 Disney Performance Trip

Why Kaleidoscope Adventures?

As a leader in the student travel industry for 30+ years, Kaleidoscope Adventures exceeds expectations for student and performance group travel.

We’ll work with you to plan an exceptional travel experience and provide impeccable customer service from start to finish

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