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7 Hidden Gems in Nashville
7 Hidden Gems In Nashville

Travel is more than just the destination. It’s about the journey! It’s finding and appreciating those tucked-away places others may miss. My next few blogs are going to spotlight some lesser-known attractions. I’ll share some of the best-kept secrets in great destinations for students, families, homeschoolers, and more. Let’s start the hunt for hidden gems […]

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travel apps for student groups
Helpful Homeschool Travel Apps

Homeschool families and co-ops have a unique opportunity to travel as part of their curricula. Since the best learning happens in the real world, it’s time to get out there and experience it! However, the thought of endless hours in a mini-van can sometimes be a powerful deterrent. Below are some helpful homeschool travel apps […]

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homeschool travel
Homeschool Travel Tips, Tricks And Discounts

Travel has always been an important part of our family life. My husband’s job often requires him to be on the road. When the kids were little, we’d tag along. It was a great opportunity to introduce them to a world bigger than the one they lived in- even if that just meant a two-hour […]

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homeschool co-ops
Homeschool Co-ops Can Be A Great Resource For Families

Homeschooling can be hard. Really hard. What once seemed like an exciting adventure may now leave you feeling isolated, drained or unsure of yourself. If you’ve ever felt this way, it may be time to consider a homeschool co-op. What is a Homeschool Co-Op? A co-op is short for “cooperative.” It brings homeschool families together […]

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Crowdfunding for the student trip
Crowdfunding For The Student Trip

The first weeks of school are upon us and the fundraiser forms have arrived. Ugh. I can almost see the neighbors locking their front doors and hiding behind the curtains. Really, there’s only so much cookie dough a person can eat! If you’re ready to put away the wrapping paper and try something different, crowdfunding […]

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what else can you do in Orlando
What Else Can You Do With Your Group In Orlando?

While we all love the magic or adventure of theme parks, Orlando has much more to explore. It’s home to some extraordinary, out-of-the-ordinary attractions you probably didn’t even know existed! If you want to know what else you can do with your group in Orlando, read on to find out. WonderWorks WonderWorks is an experience […]

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day at the museum
Day At The Museum

The class trip is planned and this year it includes a day at the museum. Oh boy. There’s very little that’s more intimidating than taking students into the hallowed halls of a cultural institution. Moving in large peer groups with gangly limbs flailing about, most think of students as high-risk museum visitors. However, museums love […]

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Back to school
Get Organized For Back To School

Listen, Can you hear it? It’s the glorious sound of silence! The kids are back to school and the house is no longer vibrating with slamming doors, screeching children, or perpetual bickering. It’s a respite to the ears and a balm to the soul! Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer and the […]

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paying for a school trip
Teach & Travel Has Fresh Ideas For Student Travel

You’re back. The class trip is over. You can breathe a sigh of relief since all went well and everyone had a fabulous time. You don’t have to think about fundraisers and permission slips again until the fall, except that you’ve already started thinking about it! You always plan your student travel to the same […]

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summer family road trip
Road Trip- Our Family Quest For Summer Continued!

Our summer family road trip commenced anew after a restorative night at the Historic Cameron Trading Post and Motel. I was feeling a bit better because the black interior of the Truckster had been swept clean of crushed neon orange crackers. The kids were happy since their devices were fully charged and their snack supply […]

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plan fall travel
4 Fabulous Reasons to Plan Fall Travel

Spring is considered the high season in the student travel industry. If you’ve ever been to Washington D.C. in May, you know exactly what I mean! Popular student destinations are teeming with pubescent travelers, and lines and wait times are long. Maybe it’s time to consider the many advantages of fall travel.   Why Fall? […]

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Chicago student trip
Chicago Shakes Up The Usual Student Trip Itinerary

Years ago, as a freshly minted professional working for a non-profit, I was asked to attend a conference in Chicago. My colleagues were jetting off to fabulous locations like Cancun, L.A. or Scottsdale for their conventions, so I was a bit disappointed that my destination was Chicago. In the middle of January. Ugh. Fast forward […]

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