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New Orleans Hits All the Right Notes for Your High School Performance Trip

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by Rhoda Venture
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New Orleans hits all the right notes for your high school performance trip! This vibrant and eclectic city has something for everyone, especially for music lovers.

With its rich culture and history, New Orleans is the perfect destination for your next musical adventure. Your students can explore the roots of jazz music and tour historic performance venues like Preservation Hall and Jackson Square.  They can check out unique attractions and immerse themselves in the energy that is New Orleans!

Pack up your instruments and get ready to hit all the right notes in the Big Easy!

Why Choose New Orleans for your Performance Trip?

New Orleans is a city that breathes music. With its unique blend of African, French, and Spanish influences, the city has produced some of the most celebrated musicians in American history.

New Orleans Jazz in the street

So why choose New Orleans for your high school band trip? Simple: it’s an exceptional opportunity for your students to explore rich musical traditions and learn from local experts.

From jazz clubs to historic theaters, New Orleans offers a diverse range of performance venues that will inspire and challenge your young musicians.

Rich Culture and Music History

New Orleans is resonant with music and culture. It’s the birthplace of jazz as well as home to lively Zydeco.  Visitors can explore its rich musical history through tours, museums, and live performances.

The city has also been influenced by French, African, and Caribbean heritage, making it a dazzling blend of cultures and traditions.

New Orleans Tells an Eclectic Story

Plenty of Performance Opportunities

New Orleans offers plenty of performance opportunities for high school ensembles. From parades to festivals to concerts, there are countless ways for students to showcase their talents and learn from local musicians.

The city is home to famous jazz clubs and music venues, such as Preservation Hall and the Saenger Theatre.  Here students can perform and experience live music from professional artists.

new orleans performance trip

Additionally, educational workshops and masterclasses give students a chance to hone their skills with world-class musicians.

Performance Venues in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its vibrant music scene and eclectic sounds. The city boasts a diverse range of performance venues, from historic jazz halls to large concert venues.

Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is a must-visit venue for high school performance groups traveling to New Orleans. Established in 1961, this iconic jazz venue is dedicated to preserving traditional New Orleans jazz. Its intimate atmosphere and nightly performances by renowned jazz musicians give students a glimpse of New Orleans’ musical tradition at its best.

Private performances and workshops can also be arranged for groups, offering an even more immersive educational experience.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Tucked into the heart of New Orleans, Jackson Square is a must-see for your high school performance trip.  The historic park boasts a picturesque backdrop and a lively atmosphere that’s perfect for showcasing your student’s talents.

Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans

The Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans offers a range of venues to meet your specific performance needs.  From the authentic jazz performances at the Jazz Playhouse to the outdoor space of the courtyard, you’ll find the perfect option for your group.

royal sonesta new orleans

The hotel also provides rehearsal rooms and audiovisual equipment essential for a successful performance. As a bonus, your students can stay on property and enjoy all the amenities the hotel has to offer.

Saenger Theatre

The Saenger Theatre will impress both performers and audience members. With its recent renovation, the theatre has been restored to its original glory and features top-notch acoustics.

The Saenger hosts a variety of performances such as Broadway shows and musical acts- making it an excellent opportunity for your ensemble to perform on a professional stage in front of a sizable audience.

Unique Experiences for Students

New Orleans’ unique heritage beckons students to delve into all her nooks and crannies.  Stroll historic neighborhoods (it’s a very walkable city!) or nibble on authentic local Cajun and Creole cuisine.

New Orleans beignets

New Orleans’ vibrant arts scene also offers students a chance to see theater performances, art galleries, and museums. It’s an unforgettable experience during which music mixes with culture in dynamic ways.

Things to Do in New Orleans

High school bands will find no shortage of things to do in New Orleans. Wander through the historic French Quarter, tour the murky depths of the swamp, or sign up for a spirited ghost tour.

Indulge in a sweet treat (beignets, anyone??) at the famous Café du Monde or board a riverboat cruise on the Might Mississippi. You can even plan a visit to the National WWII Museum!


Recently, Rachel Funel from Visit New Orleans joined the Destination Dispatch team to talk about this amazing city and its quirky and exuberant style.  Listen in as she shares fantastic ideas and hidden gems for your student group visit.

And then… There’s Mardi Gras!

We can’t talk about New Orleans’ story without including a chapter on Mardi Gras.  It is pretty much synonymous with the city!

new orleans performance trip

Mardi Gras didn’t begin in New Orleans but rather in medieval Europe and ultimately was observed in the French House of Bourbons.  In 1699, French-Canadian explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur arrived 60 miles south of New Orleans on the night before Fat Tuesday.  He named the spot “Pointe du Mardi Gras” and established Fort Louis de la Louisiane.  In 1703, the tiny settlement celebrated America’s first Mardi Gras!

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Today roughly 1 million revelers descend on New Orleans to indulge in traditional Mardi Gras festivities and the iconic parade. Masks, beads, coins, and a host of other “throws” are prized souvenirs for partiers!

mardi gras world

If you really want to dig into the customs of Mardi Gras New Orleans’ style, check out Mardi Gras World.  Your group will get a behind-the-scenes look at the city’s quintessential celebration.

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Ready to Plan Your Performance Trip to New Orleans?

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