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There are countless ways to help offset the cost of student travel.  Everyone has a different situation and comfort level for trip fundraising, so it’s good to have options.  Here are a few of our favorites!


FanAngel is a “participant-driven” fundraising and awareness platform specifically designed for bands, sports, schools, and fans. To enhance outreach and appeal, FanAngel has focused on features that bring greater value and enjoyment to the hard work of fundraising.

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Simply Sheets

Established in 2010, Simply Sheets Fundraising leads the bed sheet fundraising marketplace in a class of its own. To date we’ve distributed over a 1M sheet sets, across the US; and raised over $18,000,000 for organizations who reached their community with needed, quality product. Simply Sheets Fundraising invests in America’s future with state of the art technology for its fundraising chairpersons and members of their organizations. Professionalism, ethics, longevity, consistency, and community growth reflect our company and mission.

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World's Finest Chocolate

Our founder, Ed Opler, Sr., pioneered chocolate product fundraising, starting with our first customer: Zion High School. Just outside of the city of Chicago, the Zion HS band was the first group ever to do commercialized product fundraising. Since 1949, we’ve helped our customers raise over $4 billion!

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CG3 Fundraising

If your school is seeking a more donor friendly approach to raising funds beyond junk food or scratch cards, Fundraising Power from CG3 has a unique solution. Our programs provide schools with high margins, while helping your donors save money on a product everyone needs, uses and wants, Electronics and Household Batteries. Free shipping direct to the donor means you never have to sort and distribute the product.  We will create a branded order portal at no charge and custom develop a fundraising plan for you!

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