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5 Fabulous Ideas for Labor Day 2023

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by Rhoda Venture

As Labor Day arrives each year, the kid in me pouts just a little. Schools are back in session (at home or in class!), the air is a bit cooler, and I hear the peepers outside at night. The steamy, carefree days of swimming and staying up late are over… almost! We still have one final weekend to look forward to!  Hang on to the last days of summer by doing something amazing with your day off. Check out these 5 fabulous ideas for Labor Day 2023!

1. Candyland-Themed Block Party

Plan a socially distanced block party with a Candyland theme! Close off the street and get your resident artist (or 3rd grader) to chalk 6-foot squares for each guest. Line the blocks with large lollipops and add a Candyland balloon arch at the end.

Fill each square with individually packaged colorful candies, cookies, and drinks. Set a timer to alert guests when it’s time to move to the next square!

2. Backyard Movie Theater

Pop some popcorn and grab the Goobers – you can bring the movies to your own backyard! Invest in a high-quality projector with no less than 2500 lumens (3000 is better) that works with your Fire Stick or other compatible TV stick. A big screen is helpful but a white sheet strung up will work well, too.


Spread some blankets and pillows, set out a bucket of cold sodas, and string some twinkle lights for ambiance. Wa-la! You have a comfy, cozy backyard movie theater to enjoy with family and friends!

3. Homemade Ice Cream Social

One of my fondest childhood memories is making hand-cranked ice cream in my grandparents’ basement. I can still taste my grandma’s homemade chocolate peanut butter sauce (yum!!).

Plan your own homemade ice cream social and bring summer to a sweet conclusion. Start with an electric ice cream maker like the 4-Quart from Nostalgia (around $25 at Wal-Mart)

ice cream

Next, gather your ingredients. You’ll need rock salt, ice, whole milk or heavy cream, vanilla, sugar and any other flavors want to add. The electric churn then does the hard part for you! Typically, it takes an hour or two for the ice cream to become firm and scoopable.

Finally, find some amazing extras to top your dreamy creation. Better yet, add a cold soda to a scoop and finish with a cherry and a licorice straw!

4. Backyard Campout

If you couldn’t get away this summer, try camping in the backyard! It’s all the fresh air fun of the wilderness but with BATHROOMS just around the corner! Pitch a tent and fill it with your favorite creature comforts. Or, hang a clothesline and fold a 16’x20’ tarp over it. Anchor it with stakes – bricks will do in a pinch.

Build a firepit and get gooey with s’mores and moon pies. When it’s time to sleep, let the peepers be your white sound machine and the stars your nightlight!

hot dog

5. Dog Party

Nothing says summer like roasting dogs. Hot dogs… not the four-legged variety! Stockpile your favorite dogs, sausages, and bratwurst. Add some interesting bun choices like pretzel or baguette. Finally, set up a table with every fixin’ you can think of. Fire up the grill and call the kiddos to dinner – they’ll think they went to hot dog heaven!

Make your inner child smile with these 5 fabulous ideas for Labor Day. It might make Tuesday a little easier to bear!

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