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Planning Student Performance Trips: It’s The Little Things That Make A Big Difference! Banner Image

Planning Student Performance Trips: It’s The Little Things That Make A Big Difference!

Cameron Parker
by Cameron Parker
Performance Trip

There’s a saying that goes, It’s the little things that make a BIG difference. Although it’s a cliche, it is often very true, especially when planning student performance trips. The team at Kaleidoscope Adventures goes the extra mile when planning your trip. Our step-by-step process is detailed, thorough and helps you decide what destination to take your performance ensemble to, what festival, if any, you would like to participate in, what fun activities you would like to include on your tour and if you want your group to perform in public.

First, the simple process starts with a conversation. Together, we will discuss approximate dates, destination possibilities, performance goals and venues, any festivals, fun activities, etc. Our staff is well versed in student performance travel. Each year, we send hundreds of bands, choirs, dance troupes and more to the top performance destinations throughout North America. For example, Orlando has some of the finest music performance festivals, workshops and public performance venues in the U.S. including Disney Performing Arts OnStage, Festival Disney, Disney Honors, Universal Stars, Sea World’s SoundWaves and OrlandoFest. Washington DC provides a wonderful historical backdrop for performing groups including the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall and more. New York City provides student performance ensembles with many options including Broadway Workshops, the Statue of Liberty, as well as other excellent performance venues. With over 44 destinations in North America, Kaleidoscope Adventures offers the best performance venues, festivals, workshops and more to student performance ensembles.

Second, upon review of our conversation, we build a program based on your budgetary needs, curriculum, performance goals and more. Third, we present a proposal to you outlining the itinerary and budget. From this point on, we can fine-tune your itinerary giving you a trip that satisfies all of your needs. Once accepted, we will arrive at a payment schedule that is acceptable to you. At this time, we request that you get your team together to plan fundraising, how many chaperones you will need, who will dispense travel information and more. This will greatly help you in organizing everything before the trip.

Once the day of departure arrives, your performance group will be picked up by pre-arranged transportation at your school or at the final destination airport. Your group will be greeted by a personal tour director upon arrival at your destination. The tour director will be with you every step of the way, taking care of every detail of your trip, including all performance details.

Rick Harris, director of the Girls Choir of South Florida, states, From the person I spoke with when I first called your office through the end of our tour, everyone was amazing. The trip couldn’t have been better, we wouldn’t have changed a thing! We’re already working on next year’s trip with Kaleidoscope Adventures.

Overall, we are experts at planning every detail of student performance trips. Our goal is to have you give your students a fun, hands-on learning experience that they’ll remember for years to come. You’ll have the rewarding feeling of knowing that you are the teacher who is making a difference in your students’ lives. As an educator, planning your student performance trip is easy with the help of your Kaleidoscope Adventures team. It really is the little things that make a BIG difference!

Why Kaleidoscope Adventures?

As a leader in the student travel industry for 30+ years, Kaleidoscope Adventures exceeds expectations for student and performance group travel.

We’ll work with you to plan an exceptional travel experience and provide impeccable customer service from start to finish

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