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Plan Your Student Stem Trip To Birmingham For Great Stem Attractions

Plan Your Student Stem Trip To Birmingham For Great Stem Attractions Banner Image

If you are planning a student group trip, chances are good that your district will require a STEM component. You may even be planning an exclusively STEM trip. If you’re not competing in a robotics competition, where do you begin searching for a destination that meets your requirements? Birmingham, Alabama is a great starting point! Rooted firmly in the 19th century steel industry and evolving into a city undergoing a renaissance, Birmingham has an extensive and varied offering of outstanding STEM-related attractions. Below are some highlights to consider as you plan your student STEM trip to Birmingham.

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark
Built in 1881 and operational by April 1882, the Sloss Blast Furnace was a technological marvel of its era. Today students can tour the site of this monument to the industrial revolution and learn how the furnace worked, the historical significance of the plant in Birmingham’s development, and what it was like to be a worker during production. There’s even an opportunity to make a piece of cast iron art!

Vulcan Park and Museum
Follow your visit to the Sloss Furnaces with a trip to the Vulcan Statue and Museum. Created by Giuseppe Morettti, the Vulcan depicts the Roman god of fire and forge and stands 56 feet tall. This cast iron statue reflects Birmingham’s steel and iron heritage and allows for spectacular views of Birmingham. The museum below is an interactive museum highlighting the history of both the city and the Vulcan.

The McWane Science Center
The McWane Science Center will quickly take your students from the 19th to the 21st century. Exhibits at this state-of-the-art center are designed to challenge, inspire and encourage interest in the sciences. Take in multiple levels of hands-on STEM activities perfect for kids of all ages!

Barber Vintage MotorSports Museum
Opened in 1995 by retired race car driver George Barber, this unrivaled collection of restored-to-racing condition motorcycles constitute the world’s largest motorcycle collection (more than 1400!). The bikes represent 200 manufacturers from approximately 20 countries and were even part of a display at The Guggenheim. It’s an unusual and unique look at some pristine machinery!

Southern Museum of Flight
The Southern Museum of Flight is a regional gem dedicated to sharing the history of aviation in the south. Exhibits include civilian, military and experimental aircraft and memorabilia. There are more than 100 aircraft on display, as well as a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
The word STEM often connotes thoughts of technology or robotics. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens will have you thinking outside the flower box! They offer fabulous educational programs and workshops that dig in to the science of horticulture. Admission is always free, the gardens are open year-round, and they even have the only public horticultural library in the U.S.

As you begin to plan your STEM adventures, keep Birmingham in mind for a one-of-a-kind trip. There’s so much to see and do beyond these few suggestions. The kids will love the engaging attractions, history and southern hospitality. You’ll love that you’ve met your curricular requirements in one amazing city!

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