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Find A Niche Within Your Profession

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by Rhoda Venture
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Do you remember the Hormel Pepperoni commercial with the guy playing a polka version of “pep-pep-pepperona?” My music-loving, accordion-playing son LOVED it! He thought it was the greatest way ever to make a living and wondered how he could get in on the action. I mean, it can’t be easy to make your mark as a one-man-band! I don’t see many LinkedIn notices “seeking professional multi-instrument-playing talent.” When you have a specialized skill, how do you find a niche within your profession?


The guy rocking all those instruments to the tune of “My Sharona” is Alex Meixner, nationally acclaimed musician, performer, bandleader, educator, and a leading advocate for polka music. He’s also the headliner for Kaleidoscope Online’s next virtual session Finding A Niche Within Your Profession. It doesn’t get more “niche” than a polka!

Who is Alex Meixner?

Formally trained in classical, jazz and ethnic music, Alex has cross-pollinated his versatile playing styles through pop music, funk, jazz, and polka. He’s selling out shows across the country with his special blend of polka music. He’s also an accomplished jazz and classical trumpeter who played with the London Symphony Orchestra in high school!

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October 20th at 8:00 PM

After graduating from prestigious Ithaca College, Mr. Meixner took the world by storm when he began recording albums for international artists. He continued to tour nationally and created an expansive range of new and traditional music for solo, small, and large groups. He broke into the mainstream with the Hormel commercial debut and then recorded with Jack Black as part of the major motion picture The Polka King in 2017. Moreover, he’s a Grammy-nominated performer and participant on a Grammy-winning album!

What will he talk about?

Alex knows a little something about finding a niche within your profession and he’s ready to share his expertise with you. He’ll touch on the value of both formal and informal education, why it’s important to make mistakes, and how to plan for your future. Most importantly, he’ll address the importance of being able to adjust and re-invent in a constantly changing world. That’s something we can all relate to right now!

Q & A

Mr. Meixner relates these life lessons to his own unique career.  He translates them for all who are trying to carve a creative place for themselves in business. He’ll also spend time answering your questions and connecting the dots.

Alex Meixner Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Performance

This multi-talented sensation is on a mission to bring energy and positivity to his audience. He’ll bring his distinctive sound and skill right into your living room with a spirited Oktoberfest performance! Alex will play the Diatonic Button Accordion, Piano Accordion, and Trumpet (at the same time??) Break out your lederhosen and dance along!


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