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Book Your 2022 Student Trip Now

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by Rhoda Venture
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Don’t Put it Off!

Band directors, teachers, and trip leaders… don’t put off planning your school trip any longer!

Book your 2022 student trip now.  You read that right – if you want to travel with your students in 2022, you need to book it now.

In 2020, 85% of Kaleidoscope Adventure trips canceled or rescheduled for 2021.  Only 17% have traveled this past spring, with the remaining

83% planning to go during the 2021-22 school year.


That means a whole lot of students traveling this fall and in the early spring.  We anticipate our 2022 travel season will be the busiest ever – and we’re excited to welcome back old friends and new ones!

But we want to be sure your long-anticipated student trip is the best it can be so keep a few things in mind.



During a recent meeting, motorcoach industry leaders shared some of the obstacles that they face as they get back on the roads.

Many are operating at less than 30% capacity, with fewer drivers and fewer buses to move student groups.

During the traditional spring travel times, motorcoaches are going to be harder to get.  It’s simple supply and demand.


Again, as school districts allow travel again, there may be fewer student-friendly hotels available to meet the increased demand for rooms.  Schools that have rescheduled or made deposits get first priority booking space.

theme parks

Theme Parks 

There are new restrictions and guidelines for groups at many of the big theme parks.  Fewer groups will be accepted while capacity limits are in place.  A backlog of groups from the spring of 2020 will take precedence over new group bookings as well.

As education programs become available again, participation will be limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re planning a trip to a theme park, get in the reservation queue now.  Opportunities to take part in youth programs, performances, etc. will be more difficult than ever to confirm.performance

Performance Opportunities

Performance groups traveling in 2022 will be vying for the same venues and performance opportunities.  Directors will be trying to give students a chance to go before graduation, even if it’s an “off” year for travel.

As with everything else, the demand for these opportunities will be high and space limited.



2022 prices are going up.  Hotels, tickets, motorcoaches, attractions, and others are indicating a steady spike in pricing.  The best thing you can do is book your 2022 student trip now to lock in 2021 rates.

Early Deposit Scholarship Offer

If you make an initial deposit for your Kaleidoscope Adventures trip by June 30, 2021, your group is guaranteed one Stellar Student Scholarship for a qualifying student (per scholarship guidelines). 

Please note that deposits must be received in our office by the deadline and there is a minimum $2,000 group deposit (or individual deposits totaling $2,000 or more for your group) to qualify for this offer. 


Book Your 2022 Student Trip Now


Kaleidoscope Adventures is ready to help you get your 2022 trip on track.  We are:

  • The first tour operator in the U.S. to be WTTC Safe Travel Stamp certified
  • Including post-departure travel protection as a gift for every traveler
  • Offering incentives for booking early
  • Providing an online payment portal with a unique individual crowdfunding option

Book your 2022 student trip now with Kaleidoscope Adventures to secure your spot in what is shaping up to be a very busy year.  Everything KA does enhances and simplifies your travel planning process.  It’s how we do

Travel Beyond Expectations!

Why Kaleidoscope Adventures?

As a leader in the student travel industry for 30+ years, Kaleidoscope Adventures exceeds expectations for student and performance group travel.

We’ll work with you to plan an exceptional travel experience and provide impeccable customer service from start to finish

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