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What’s New In Student Group Travel To Washington DC And Boston MA

What’s New In Student Group Travel To Washington DC And Boston MA Banner Image

What’s New?

Ford’s Theatre Opens New Center for Education and Leadership!

Now open in Washington DC, is the Ford’s Theatre’s new Center for Education and Leadership. Housed in a building directly across the street and acquired by the Ford’s Theatre Society in 2007, the center features two floors of permanent exhibits addressing the immediate aftermath of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s death in 1865 and the evolution of Lincoln’s legacy; a Leadership Gallery floor to be used for rotating exhibits, lecture and reception space; two floors of education studios to house pre- and post-visit workshops, after-school programs and teach professional development; and a distance-learning lab.

Boston Tea Party Gaining Museum

Scheduled to open June 25 in Boston is the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Most of the museum will be located on a barge anchored next to the museum pier on the Fort Point Channel. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, the museum will have actors dressed in period clothing and the original Robinson Tea Chest that was thrown into the Boston Harbor on Dec. 16, 1773. Students will have the opportunity to throw a tea chest over the sides of the Beaver, Eleanor and Dartmouth, replicas of the original ships involved in the Boston Tea Party.