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Views Through The Porthole: Student Cruises

Views Through The Porthole: Student Cruises Banner Image

Teach and Travel Magazine featured Kaleidoscope Adventures in their September 2013 article on Cruising  Student Adventures Afloat. Teach and Travel said Kaleidoscope Adventures is well aware of the colorful nature of cruising. The two phrases, student travel and group cruise, are not always heard in the same sentence but when it comes to new trends and ideas, they merge perfectly. Student cruises are a great way to have activities to suit everyone in the group, accommodations that are clean and safe, and meal plans that are easy to navigate! Cruise ships today seem straight from the future  bumper cars, skydiving simulators, virtual balconies, movie screens that span more than 100 feet wide, roller skating, rock climbing walls, venues for music performances and that’s just what we came up with in a one-minute brainstorming session.

I have taken cruises with groups as small as two and as large as twenty-five – I must admit, it was nice not to have to plan every moment of the day. Sometimes the boys went to the basketball court and the girls hit the spa (ok, let’s be real, we laid in the sun while beckoning the towel attendant to swing by the ice cream bar as he made his rounds). Other days, it was a group shore excursion of snorkeling or even the Mayan Ruins that had us all in amazement together. Either way we chose to spend the day, we all came together over scrumptious dinners each night. Those dinners never failed to disappoint either.. whether it was because I didn’t have dishes to clean or because the food is just simply wonderful, I can never put my finger on why. The fact being, we all enjoyed ourselves no matter what filled our day and the details were planned for us!

With so many cruise line options, shore activity choices, and shows that give Broadway a run for its money, we could see how information overload could set in within the first thought of taking a group to the high seas. So let us check the weather forecast and put together your group’s custom itinerary while you pack your sleep mask, cruise shoes and iPod.

We don’t want the ship to set sail without your group so start planning a student cruise with Kaleidoscope Adventures. Check out the full article Cruising Student Adventures Afloat on page 33 of Teach and Travel Magazine.