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The Early Bird And The Worm: Why You Should Book Early.

The Early Bird And The Worm: Why You Should Book Early. Banner Image

“Why should I book early?” – Teachers and parents often ask us about the importance of booking transportation – and quite honestly, the whole trip – early. The most important reason why is to keep your group together. Here is a short list of the rest of the ‘why’s:

  • Same Bus: Keep your group together on the same bus. Our first goal in confirming group trips is to keep friends and schools together. If you book together by the deadline date, we will keep you on the same bus.
  • Same Hotel: Keep your group in the same hotel. If your group books together, we book all the rooms you need at the same hotel.
  • Save Money: We have early booking incentives that save you money on many of our packages. Hotels and bus companies also start charging more for services closer to time of departure and this can increase prices and decrease availability.
  • Sell Out: The earlier you book the trip, the better your options will be. There are only so many suppliers that welcome student groups and this makes availability very limited at most destinations.