Cornucopia of Sound has “Plenty” for Choirs

The word “cornucopia” conjures up images of Thanksgiving- fruits, baskets of goodies and other holiday treats. It means “horn of plenty,” and this November, it will mean plenty of stunning voices raised in beautiful harmony.  The Cornucopia of Sound will take place just before Thanksgiving in Orlando, Florida.

What is Cornucopia of Sound?

Universal Studios™ in Orlando will host choirs (full or partial ensembles) at an event designed to showcase students’ and directors’ skills. Groups will participate in a mass choir in which the participating directors can conduct part of the performance with the guidance of guest clinicians. Each group will also be able to perform alone on a Universal stage as well as participate in a workshop with one of the guest clinicians. Students from different schools will then perform together in a concert setting before an international audience.

In addition to this spectacular display, groups will have a chance to enjoy the thrills and excitement of Universal Studios™ and Islands of Adventure™.

What’s Included

• Three-day, two park ticket
• Breakfast at the Hard Rock Café
• Mass choir performance
• Two (2) guest clinicians to work with the mass choir
• Private 45-minute workshop with one of the guest clinicians for your ensemble
• Event and pre-event rehearsal coordination
• Universal STARS program performance by your ensemble (optional)
• Limited opportunity for your director to conduct a portion of the concert based upon availability

How to Apply

Cornucopia of Sound is the perfect way to reward your talented students with a showcase opportunity like no other. There will be “plenty” of rewarding performances and “plenty” of fun! Choirs and singers are accepted by application, so be sure to register at Animado Events or call 844-335-7994 to find out more about this exclusive event.

Kaleidoscope of Voices

I have always admired those who can sing. Heck, Ive always admired those who can carry a tune! I count myself among the many who aspire to sing and always proudly join my church cantata each Christmas season. Thankfully, there are enough choir members to muffle my off-key efforts to make a joyful noise!

If you are a show choir director and looking for an amazing performance opportunity for your talented singers, The Kaleidoscope of Voices Showcase hits all the right notes. During February 1-4, 2018, your show choir will take center stage on the Marketplace Stage at Disney Springs as featured cast members. Not only that, but theyll enjoy a personalized workshop given by the professionals at Walt Disney World Resort – who better to give your students a boost in the fine art of performing? Your student group will receive customized instruction in performance choreography, vocals and all things show choir as you head into heavy competition season. A magical performance in the most magical place on earth – the Kaleidoscope of Voices Showcase will kick off your performance season with style!
In addition to this incredible opportunity to learn and entertain in an extraordinary venue, the Kaleidoscope of Voices Showcase includes three nights at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel AND a three-day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper Option package. Its truly a magnificent event not to be missed and so much fun for students!
Now is the time to register for the Kaleidoscope of Voices Showcase. To guarantee your groups place, call 800-774-7337 today! As for me, Ill be singing my heart out in my little church Christmas choir while those around me try to sing louder!