KAndid Advice for Planning Student Trips to Orlando

Traveling to a new destination with students is exciting… and nerve-wracking! Wouldn’t it be great to have a cheat sheet? Imagine if that cheat sheet came from some of the best student tour professionals in the business. KAndid Advice is just that- expert tips from Kaleidoscope Adventures staff to help you navigate a new destination and get the most from your student travel. Let’s start with some KAndid advice for planning student trips to Orlando…

Everyone knows that Orlando is home to world-class theme parks and attractions. It’s a student favorite for a reason! However, there are lots of amazing things to do with student groups outside the parks – and the KA staff is giving you an insider’s look.

Wild Florida

Anastasiya (accounting and IT manager) loves Wild Florida as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of theme parks. Wild Florida is a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience, offering airboat rides, alligator encounters, and a great variety of wading, floating and flying birds. A petting zoo and some great BBQ round out the fun. Students will talk about this adventure for years – and they’ll never forget their first airboat ride!

Beach BBQ and Escape Room

Joseph (senior tour consultant) has some great ideas for getting off the beaten path. Consider a half day BBQ lunch at the beach. Just about an hour’s ride from the hotels, it’s one of his favorite things to do with students. They love the sun, fun and food while teachers and chaperones enjoy a break from the chaos.
Joseph also follows up a beach day with a visit to an escape room. Orlando offers a few great choices, all guaranteed to test wits and tickle the funny bone. Escape Rooms are also great for team building. Pit the girls against the boys or the trumpets against the clarinets in the ultimate quest to solve a puzzle!

Kennedy Space Center

Not far from Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center, a favorite of both Keith (chief operating officer) and Stephanie (tour consultant). The Kennedy Space Center offers an in-depth look at space and space travel and the role both played in our nation’s history. Students can get up close and personal with the Saturn V rocket or experience what it was like to be in the Firing Room for the launch of Apollo 8. It’s a great way to incorporate STEM into your itinerary and “have a blast” while doing it!

2015 Class Trips and Graduation Parties at Universal Orlando Resort

Hard Rock Café

If you’re looking for a great dining option for students, Steven (tour consultant and resident musician!) recommends the Hard Rock Café. Just steps from both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, it’s group-friendly and features an eclectic, American-style menu to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Students are also surrounded by cool music memorabilia and encouraged to join in the pop-up sing-alongs. So much fun!

As you plan your student trip to Orlando, tuck these tips in your back pocket. Better yet, call Kaleidoscope Adventures directly to chat with our expert staff. More than 25+ years in the student travel industry gives us some serious street cred! We’ll work with you to create a unique itinerary that meets all your objectives. KA really is travel beyond expectations!

Selling Trips to Parents and Students

You have a great idea for a trip. You just KNOW the kids are going to flock to sign up for this epic adventure which will seamlessly tie together your curriculum and probably put you in the running for teacher of the year. You confidently post the sign-up sheet and wait for the signatures to pour in. Three days later, you are still waiting for that first lucky student to put pen to paper. What’s going on?!?

Expert Teacher

As a teacher, you have unique skills and talents. You affect change and influence lives in a way that most people cannot. You juggle students, parents, administration and community while handling mountains of paperwork and instruction. You recognize teachable moments when they pop up (thus the reason for your trip!) and neatly incorporate them into your instruction. That said, selling trips to parents and students is probably not in your wheelhouse.

Expert Salesperson?

Being an expert teacher does not necessarily qualify you as an expert in student travel promotion. Regardless of the inherent awesomeness of your trip, it can be a challenge to convince students and parents to sign up. You have to generate a little buzz, create a great marketing campaign, address parent concerns and manage the financial aspects of the experience. In short, it requires a LOT of work!

Tools to Make it Happen

Trips are successful and well-attended when you plan with the right tools. Kaleidoscope Adventures will get your trip on track with helpful resources developed by our in-house marketing team. Our marketing kit includes:

• Engaging video created for parents and students to help build excitement for the trip
• Relevant and clearly-presented information about your chosen destination
• Value of travel as part of a well-rounded education
• Inspiring student testimonials about how travel impacts lives
• Fundraising options and ideas to help your trip succeed

We know you have a lot of time and energy invested in planning this incredible opportunity for students. However, you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone! Filling those participant slots is a lot easier with a little help from the experts. Trust Kaleidoscope to take the lead on your adventure and motivate students to sign up for your once-in-a-lifetime teachable moment!

Have a Safe Trip!

Every time my husband travels (which is A LOT), I say these four little words as he heads out the door.  I would imagine most people say them.  After all, we want our loved ones to return home better for the experience of traveling, not worse.  When students travel, a safe trip is priority number one.  That’s why it is so important to choose a travel partner with a great safety record and plan.

Your trusted travel provider, Kaleidoscope Adventures, makes student safety the most important consideration of each trip.  The expert team at Kaleidoscope has more than 25 years of experience in the student travel industry.  During that time, they’ve learned a few things to help make the experience as safe as possible.  When you travel with KA, you can expect

  • ONLY vendors that have been carefully vetted
  • On-site inspections of hotels
  • Professional on-site tour directors
  • Interior corridors (no balconies) – a must for student groups
  • Overnight security as an option for all trips
  • Motorcoach companies with outstanding safety records and up-to-date equipment
  • An emergency phone line staffed by Kaleidoscope team members 24/7 during the trip
  • Luggage tag and travel lanyard for each participant
  • Certificate of insurance upon request

These are just a few of the safeguards in place during a Kaleidoscope Adventures trip.   We know the unexpected can happen at any time.  However, a little pre-planning and commonsense can go a long way in reassuring nervous parents and making the experience better for everyone.  Rigorous and comprehensive safety measures are just one more way Kaleidoscope Adventures does travel beyond expectations!

Kaleidoscope Adventures’ Stellar Student Scholarship Program

Kaleidoscope Adventures believes that travel is a key piece of a well-rounded education.  It’s a window to the world, promising new experiences, cultures and people. However, many students simply can’t afford to join the class or performance trip. Kaleidoscope Adventures, a leader in the student travel industry for 25 years, understands the challenges that interfere with opportunity. As a result, KA created the Stellar Student Scholarship Program.

Stellar Student Scholarship

The Stellar Student Scholarship is a 100% paid trip for a deserving student. If you have booked a trip with Kaleidoscope Adventures (or are in the process of contracting), you can nominate a worthy student. This can be someone who has demonstrated leadership, improvements in school or simply needs a helping hand.

Nomination Criteria

• Student must be registered for the school trip

• Student must be in good academic standing with the school

• Student must be active in the community or volunteer

Send Nominations to

Nominations should highlight the student’s character and reasons for your nomination.

*Please note that only one student per school is eligible

Nomination Deadlines

• September 30th (if traveling October through February)

• January 30th (if traveling March through September)

About Kaleidoscope Adventures

Founded and headed by a teacher, the staff at KA understands what it takes to make student travel a reality for ALL students. For more information about Kaleidoscope Adventures or the Stellar Student Scholarship, click or call (407) 345-4899.