The Stage is Set for OrlandoFest

Hours of practice. Countless rehearsals. Early mornings and late nights. The performing arts demand dedication. Anyone who has ever been a part of marching band, orchestra, choir, or dance program knows the work is tough but the reward is great. Most will jump at the chance to highlight or hone these hard-earned skills through competition, workshops, or performance venues.  Fortunately, there’s an exceptional Music Festival and Performance Experience that checks all the boxes – OrlandoFest!


OrlandoFest is a premier, education-based music experience taking place Fridays and Saturdays March through early June in Orlando, FL. Performers of all ages can participate in either Music Festivals or Workshops designed to reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom or studio. In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, each program includes admission to Universal Orlando Resort™.  It’s a great way to reward the efforts of your devoted students.


Competitive and non-competitive bands, choirs, orchestras and dance groups will perform before nationally renowned adjudicators in with digitally recorded and written comments. The OrlandoFest Awards Ceremony takes place at Universal Orlando Resort™ and includes a custom gift for each participant. OrlandoFest also includes admission to world-famous Universal Orlando Resort™! Click here to find out more about Festival options and inclusions.


Bands, choirs and orchestras are invited to participate in OrlandoFest Workshops.  This musical instruction is designed specifically to develop ensemble performance skills, enhance individual musicianship skills, and provide a fun learning experience. Each two-hour Workshop focuses on a choice of topics (typically 3-4) that best meet the needs of the group. Expert clinicians will teach new and innovative techniques to a minimum of 25 participants. Best of all, admission to Universal Orlando Resort™ is included with the Workshops as well! Click here to find out more about Workshop options and inclusions.

Regardless of which option you choose, OrlandoFest is an extraordinary experience for young performers seeking to strengthen or showcase their talents. An exclusive partnership with Universal Orlando Resort™ makes it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Kaleidoscope Adventures: Educating Students Through Travel

Kaleidoscope Adventures is a premier OrlandoFest partner and will handle your performance trip with ease. Call 407-345-4899 to find out more about this surprisingly unique performance opportunity!

What ELSE Can You Do with Your Group In Orlando?

One of our favorite family vacations was a spur of the moment trip to Orlando. We packed our bags, found a cheap flight and headed south for some fun in the sun. You probably assume our visit included a castle or a mouse. Not this time! While we love the magic or adventure of the theme parks, this trip was all about the extraordinary, out-of-the-ordinary attractions. What else can you do with your group in Orlando? Read on to find out!


WonderWorks is an experience (or experiment!) in fun like no other. As soon as the building is visible, its clear that things are not as they seem! The upside-down faade is explained to guests as a once top-secret laboratory located in the Bermuda Triangle in which an experiment gone wrong landed it in its current destination- upended!

Inside, the atmosphere at WonderWorks is charged with fun, excitement and more than 100 interactive displays and exhibits. Science is at the heart of the experience, and all the activities are geared for maximum play. Lie on a bed of nails, conquer the indoor ropes course, or move at the speed of light. Challenge your mind, body and imagination in the Wonder Zones or dazzle your senses with the mystery of magic. Take in a 4D-XD movie or light it up in a black-lit laser tag arena. Theres so much to do in this world of edu-tainment!


Ripleys Believe It or Not is an astonishing collection originating from the private coffers of Robert Ripley (1890-1949). Ripley spent 35 years traveling to 201 countries seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained. These unique acquisitions are the foundation of the Ripleys attractions.

Ripleys features every macabre or ridiculous item conceivable, as well as many that you wont be able to wrap your brain around! Displays are a careful conglomerate of the strange, the shocking, and the beautiful- you may find a shrunken head, a micro-miniature sculpture or a 22-foot tall car parts robot. Students will love the interactive nature of the displays and the unexpected surprises around every corner. Its so much fun to wander through the space and imagine what Robert Ripley must have been thinking when he encountered some of these treasures! He once noted I have traveled in 201 countries and the strangest thing I saw was man. I think thats a sentiment to which most of us can relate!

Fun Spot

Ready to ride without the crazy lines? Fun Spot offers thrills and excitement right in the heart of International Drive. Featuring Floridas tallest wooden coaster, Fun Spot also boasts the worlds tallest Skycoaster, patented-designed, multi-level go-kart tracks, incredible attractions and a midway packed with the classic games everyone loves. It truly is a great spot for family-friendly fun!

Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience brings 2000 years of history to Orlando in this spectacular, interactive Bible encounter. Authentic sights, sounds and tastes of ancient Jerusalem greet you as you pass through the gates of the walled city. Its a deeply moving, historically significant and undeniably inspirational living Biblical museum. Faith based groups, homeschool families and others will want to add the Holy Land Experience to the must do list of Orlando attractions.

Wild Florida

When the group is ready for adventure, Wild Florida is up for the challenge! Tucked away in the headwaters of the Florida Everglades and just a short drive from Orlando, Wild Florida is a hidden gem. U.S. Coast Guard certified airboats skim the waters for an up-close view of alligators, wild hogs, turkey and more. The Gator and Wildlife Park has more than 200 hundred exotic animals on display as well as interactive programs – perfect for students!

Orlando is an outstanding group destination with a surprising number of noteworthy attractions. Our impromptu family trip proved that its possible to skip the better-known parks and still have an amazing time (and probably for a lot less money)!

Groups Will Race to Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Home mail delivery did not exist and one of my responsibilities was to walk (or ride my yellow, banana-seated Schwinn) to the post office daily. I dreamed of having one of those nifty, electric mini cars and cruising in style to pick up the weekday deluge of junk mail. Oh, how the other kids would envy me!

Of course, I never got that car and my trusty Schwinn saw me through many years of carrying mail. However, I secretly still harbor a love for mini cars and go-karts! Enter Andretti Indoor Karting and Games in Orlando, Florida. Boasting the worlds longest indoor track with the most elevation changes and banked turns, Andrettis also has some of the fastest SODI RTX electric go-karts available. Hairpin twists and turns, super-fast acceleration and the thrill of racing make a day at the track perfect for student groups, homeschool families, youth groups and adults wanting to make childhood dreams come true!

The atmosphere at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is charged with excitement, and groups will love all the extreme attractions available. Once theyve successfully navigated the real challenges of the track, they can test their skills in the virtual world with Hologate- a completely immersive sensory experience. The XD Dark Ride is an exhilarating 7D interactive movie with special effects and laser blasters- students will love competing for the highest score while they battle on-screen enemies.

Next, they can take it up a notch (literally) on the Sky Trail Ropes Course. This indoor, high adventure course is the first of its kind in Florida to feature a uniquely a curved zipline. So cool! Keep the fun going in the arcade with classic gaming, 3D multi-player games or life-sized games of favorite apps a little Temple Run, anyone?

If the group is looking for a more upscale experience, check out Boutique Bowling. Comfy, stylish seating, four state-of-the-art projection screens and black lit custom-designed lanes elevates bowling to new levels of posh.

Once everyones exhausted themselves racing and playing, they can settle in to eating one of Andretti Grills signature, hand-crafted burgers, delectable sandwiches, fresh salads, gourmet pizzas and more. There are so many choices guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest teen or the most discerning palate!

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games in Orlando is truly an experience not to be missed. Its the perfect attraction for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike. Racing around the track in those electric go-karts is as close as Ive come to living out my childhood fantasy-next time, I just might bring some mail with me!