Our world is student travel. Within this world, Kaleidoscope Adventures lives, eats and breathes student tours, 365 days a year (hence: Kaleidoscope-365)! We use the phrase We bring your classroom to life, because our goal is to take you beyond the classroom into a world of fun, adventure and discovery! You as a student are our priority! We want to ensure that you have an exciting, educational and amazing experience on your trip.

Weve got you covered! At Kaleidoscope Adventures, we pay attention to every detail, before, during and after your trip. Before your tour, we collaborate with your teacher/sponsor and customize an itinerary giving you a trip that will not only meet your teachers/sponsors curriculum and objectives, but provide you with loads of fun and adventure! On your tour, you learn it by living it, experiencing first-hand what you have learned in your classroom! Also, every tour has a professional tour director to make sure every detail planned in advance is executed flawlessly during your trip. After your trip, we follow-up with your teacher/sponsor to evaluate the trip and ascertain their comments. We suggest you express your opinions of the trip to your teacher/sponsor as well. We value every suggestion from students, chaperones and teachers/sponsors!

On a more personal note, when traveling with Kaleidoscope Adventures, you will experience and discover life lessons including tackling challenges with newfound confidence, approaching studies with more enthusiasm and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to inspire you and enhance your ability to work with a variety of people (group travel) and encourage you to perceive new challenges from a broader perspective (skills that will enhance your future career). We call this experiential learning!

Overall, we want you to learn, have fun and experience the world from a new perspective through travel. The team at Kaleidoscope Adventures is excited to customize an awesome trip for your group and create a lifetime of memories for you and your friends.