Organize and enhance your student group travel program!Most of you are already working hard in your band/choral/orchestra/dance rooms getting everything ready for the new school year. Your list is probably endless. So how do you go about organizing and planning everything by the first day of school? Your program is one that requires many hours of constant organization, rehearsals, and adaptation. Therefore, getting organized before school starts and having a plan on how to enhance your program is of the utmost importance. The following suggestions might help you proactively kick off the new school year:

Get Organized Make sure you are organized in everything before school starts (i.e.: lesson plans, score reading, clean office, organized rehearsal room, dance routines, paperwork, etc.). During the school year, you might not have as much time to organize.

Market Your Program Make sure you have a plan to use smart marketing techniques to market your program. The more you market yourself, the better chance you have of growing your program.

Stay Within Your Budget Never, ever overspend make effective use of your booster program to raise additional revenues.

Open Your Lines of Communication with Your Administration Find ways to let each and every administrator know how successful your program is and how important it is to the overall growth of the child and the school.

Raise Funds for Anything Extra Want to take a trip or purchase instruments, music, costumes, uniforms, etc.? Dont rely on the school district to solely help. Do it yourself. Show your administration that you can be self-reliant. Kaleidoscope Adventures can help you with your fundraising needs. You can visit our fundraising site that has high profit fundraisers, including scratch cards, cookie dough, chocolates, magazines, restaurant cards, jewelry and more. Log onto for more info.

Help Others Volunteer to help other teachers, their programs, etc. Show the school how important you are and how you are a BIG part of the school.

Work Hard and Work Smart Put in extra hours, work hard and work smart. Rewards will come your way.

Be Positive Always be positive about your outlook with your program, towards students, faculty and administrators.

Remember, music and dance educators must be irrevocably committed to what they do with the goal of improving childrens education and lives. By putting the above suggestions into motion, you will be able to enhance your program and successfully begin the school year organized.