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Student Class Travel To Washington DC: Becoming A Beltway Insider Is Easier Than You Think!

Student Class Travel To Washington DC: Becoming A Beltway Insider Is Easier Than You Think! Banner Image

Politicians, in power suits, conferencing in meetings or over a power lunch this is our nation’s capital. Power drives politics, and politics is what Washington DC is all about. Student groups traveling to DC on a class trip may ask how they can learn not only about the history of America, but how the political process helps shape our country too. Fear not student groups. Even though you may not have top-secret security clearance, DC has plenty to offer you in your quest of becoming a beltway insider faster than Congress can pass tax reforms.

With so many museums, monuments, national landmarks, historical places of interest and houses of government, a student class soaking it all in should earn an honorary college degree. Yet, our nation’s capital is not a dry, educational overload destination. It is alive with intriguing opportunities for student groups to witness the political city in action. For example, a group can watch the House of Representatives or Senate in session, or observe money being printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Moreover, by means of planning ahead of time with your local Congressman and going through numerous security clearances, student classes can tour the White House and see portraits of past presidents and encounter the hustle and bustle of the West Wing.* Groups can also experience guided tours of the U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court (when not in session) and Library of Congress. Each tour guide is well-versed in how the political process works as well as having great knowledge of the historical aspects of landmark court cases, the types of bills being passed, and more. With so many opportunities available, student classes are definitely afforded the opportunity to learn the political process and how it works.

Amid all of this political madness, the historical aspects of Washington DC are incredible as well. The National Mall’s monuments, memorials and museums guarantee hours, really days, of educational exploration. With nineteen Smithsonian museums, student classes studying history, art, science and more will certainly be intrigued by the numerous exhibits each museum has to offer. In fact, the only thing more impressive than the shear diversity of the Smithsonian museums is that they are free. Located west of the museums is West Potomac Park where the Washington Monument and Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR Memorials are found, as well as memorials honoring veterans of WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Surrounding all of these memorials is Constitution Gardens where one will find a necklace of cherry trees, whose spring blossoms merit a festival each year. Just north of the Washington Monument lies the White House, residence of the President of the United States. In addition, a tour of Arlington Cemetery, where visitors pay homage to the Tomb of the Unknown, the Kennedy gravesites and the Space Shuttle Challenger Memorial, is definitely worth your time.

Outside of the National Mall’s aegis lie many other group-friendly museums, attractions and tours that will surely intrigue student classes including:

  • Ford’s Theater and Peterson House
  • Historical Walking Tour of Alexandria, Virginia
  • International Spy Museum
  • Mt. Vernon (George and Martha Washington’s home)
  • National Museum of Crime and Punishment
  • Newseum
  • United States Holocaust Museum
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • Woodrow Wilson House

Overall, many of Washington DC’s historical monuments, memorials and museums commemorate important chapters in American history. Yet, having your class see the political process and the power associated with it firsthand, will give your student group an opportunity to learn about modern-day politics. Therefore, becoming a beltway insider will be easier than you think. At Kaleidoscope Adventures, we call this experiential learning. A student class trip to Washington DC is truly educational in many ways.

For over 18 years, Kaleidoscope Adventures has organized class trips to Washington DC for thousands of schools. We are experts in booking student tours and specialize in planning complete travel services for any student group. We plan everything from A to Z, thus giving you peace-of-mind. We even give you a tour director who helps you every step of the way during your trip.

Put your trust in us to meet all of your student travel needs. Why not give your group an exciting class trip to Washington DC and its surrounding areas? Let us bring your classroom to life and create lasting memories for your student trip.

*Please note that, as of March 9, 2013, White House Tours are no longer available due to federal staffing restrictions. When and if they once again become available for groups, Kaleidoscope Adventures will update this page.