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Resolve to Travel More with Family

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New Year’s Eve is upon us (hard to believe, right?!) As I reflect on our family’s 2019, I find it’s not the “stuff” that makes it into our highlight reel, but rather the experiences we’ve had. A cross-country trip with our teen and tween, a jaunt down south for a family wedding, a weekender with grandparents to the eastern seaboard. We managed a few precious days in Costa Rica and a father/son bonding experience in Chicago. These are the moments we remember- not a trip to the mall (although my daughter may disagree). As 2020 approaches, my New Year’s Resolution is clear. I plan to resolve to travel more with family!

A Time to Unwind

Families live crazy, chaotic and busy lives. We are constantly running from one activity to the next, squeezing in homework, work, meals and whatever else comes down the pike. It’s frantic, fun and sometimes stressful. Family travel is a chance to leave that pressure behind and RELAX. If you can’t remember what that word means, scroll through your most recent vacation photos for a visual reminder.

A Time to Disconnect and Re-Connect

Family travel is also an opportunity to re-connect with those people living in your house who sometimes remain unseen for days, otherwise known as your kids! So many things vie for our children’s attention- school, friends, sports, band, cheer, and the ever-intrusive technology. Do you long for the days when you could have a conversation with your child? Do you pine for something other than a text that it’s time for a pick-up? Taking a few days to disconnect from devices and re-connect as a family is priceless!

Holiday Card Fodder

Taking time to travel as a family means making memories to last a lifetime. Traveling with extended family like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins lends a special significance to the experience. Go somewhere exotic and soak up a different culture or lifestyle. Take a day trip and spend quality time learning about regional differences or similarities. It really doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go together. Imagine how interesting next year’s holiday card will be when you share your family’s adventures!

Yes, spending more family time exploring this wide, wonderful world is my new year’s resolution. On behalf of the Kaleidoscope Adventures family, we wish you a Happy 2020 and many magical journeys with your loved ones!