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Perform in Branson for Veterans Week 2021

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Performance opportunities for your band or choir may be limited in the coming months.  Competitions are in question and many of the usual venues are closed to students.  Where can you take your students to wow the crowds and salute our American heroes?  Perform in Branson for Veterans Week 2021!

About Veterans Homecoming Week in Branson

Branson is one of the most veteran-friendly, patriotic cities in America. While Branson honors Veterans every day of the year, Veterans Homecoming Week is a special annual event for service members and their families.

Veterans Homecoming Week kicks off with a moving Vietnam Memorial Opening Ceremony and wraps up with an energetic parade on Veteran’s Day.  In between, there are countless activities and programs in which your students can take part!

Be Part of the Celebration

Your ensemble can participate in this very special week.  They’ll perform for hundreds of active and retired military members at theatres throughout the city.

Following the performances, they will have a chance to talk with these incredible men and women and hear their stories of bravery and sacrifice on behalf of our country.

There are so many inspiring events and activities happening during Veterans Week in Branson.  Here’s a sneak peek!

Friday, November 5, 2021

10:00 AM:  The Vietnam Memorial Opening Ceremony 

2:00 PM:   Vets for Vets 

3:00 PM:   WWII Mini-Reunion 

5:00 PM:   Opening Ceremonies Show 

Saturday, November 6, 2021

All Day:     Veterans Village 

8:00 AM:   POW/MIA Service of Remembrance 

11:00 AM:  Vietnam Vets Reunion

12:00 PM:  WWII Vets Lunch

5:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies Show 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

All Day:    Veterans Village 

8:30 AM:  IMAX Military Film Fest 

10:00 AM: Veterans Tribute 

1:00 PM:   Homefront Heroes Spouses Luncheon 

1:00 PM:   Hearts and Hopes of Heroes is a mass choir patriotic event that will be comprised of young people performing a program that recognizes the sacrifice and commitment of America’s veterans.


A Unique Opportunity for Choirs

As part of this special week, Animado Events is very proud to sponsor

Hearts and Hopes of Heroes

America’s Grateful Youth Salute Our Veterans

This heartfelt tribute takes place at the Mansion Theatre and features a mass choir of up to 300 student performers.  It’s a multi-media presentation highlighting the life of veterans, the adventure of new experiences, shared hardships and triumphs, the unique bonds of the military, and the families waiting at home.

Add your choir’s voices to the Hearts and Hopes of Heroes by contacting Animado Events at 844-335-7994 or clicking below for more information!





Here’s How to Get Involved

If you want to know more about these and other performance opportunities, contact Kaleidoscope Adventures or the Animado Events team for information.

Veterans Homecoming Week in Branson is unmatched for its energy and patriotism and an experience your students will treasure for a lifetime.  Plan to take part in this important event!

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