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Looking For A Fun New Destination? We Suggest Branson, MO Or Memphis, TN!

Looking For A Fun New Destination? We Suggest Branson, MO Or Memphis, TN! Banner Image

Branson, Missouri. Memphis, Tennessee.

They may not be the first places you think of when browsing locations for a student trip, but both are rich with music and performance culture and fun, unique educational opportunities.

Branson boasts 40 theaters showcasing over 100 professional shows and many of them allow your students to share the stage, complete with lights and sound, with some of the city’s favorite performers. Nestled into the beautiful Ozark Mountains, plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with nature, from custom science programs to zip-lining through the treetops, coexist with the town’s flashier side.

Memphis rightly labels itself the home of the blues and birthplace of rock’n roll. Music students can stand where Elvis recorded his first single, trace the roots of modern music from a confluence of styles that came together on the streets of Memphis, and enjoy extraordinary live musicians every night on Beale Street. Outside of music history, students also have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in Memphis unique place in American history from its roots along the Mississippi to its profound roll in the Civil Rights Movement.

If your group is looking to attend an amazing performance, give an amazing performance, or just have a fantastic time in an amazing location, you might be surprised to find that Branson or Memphis is exactly the destination you are looking for!