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Fishing For Student Group Travel

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There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. ~Steven Wright

Group travel is a lot like fishing. Sometimes you have a great experience while other times you have a poor one but no matter what you learn something. In order to get the most out of your experience you have to be prepared with the correct tools in order to succeed. For example to have a successful flounder fishing trip you need to be with a successful flounder fisherman who is equipped with the proper rods, rigs, bait and knowledge. Likewise to have a successful trip you will need a successful tour operator. You wouldn’t go fishing for the first time without someone who knows how to fish, so why would your group travel without a professional?

To someone who has never been outside of their town or city the word travel can be the equivalent of terror. But terror is nothing more than a fear of something we do not understand based on the fact we have no experience of it. If a fisherman only fished in a pond his entire life catching the same fish every day then that would be the norm for him. However if you take that same fisherman and put him on a boat on a lake, the excitement of the boat combined with the multitude of different fish he can catch, this experience becomes invigorating especially in comparison to the pond. Now take the same fisherman and put him on a deep sea fishing boat. Imagine the excitement on his face looking at the water blue as a sapphire; or when he gazes out at the horizon with the same number of buildings in view as the Sahara Desert.

On the other hand if that fisherman goes out on the ocean for the first time when there is a tropical storm on its way he will not have the same experience. This experience would rather be one in which he likely does not repeat. Between the 6 foot swells which toss and turn the boat like pizza dough, or the constant cold rain being poured over head and gusting winds whipping across his face; the man will likely never leave the pond again.

Therefore due to a lack of knowledge, which is in no way the man’s fault, he misses out on an opportunity to amplify his fishing experience and is stuck in the same old routine never knowing the excitement of something different. Similar conclusions can be made to that of first time group travelers. When preparing for group travel understand that you are ill equipped because of a lack of knowledge regarding: where to stay, attractions to visit, times to travel, what transportation to take and discounts to make your trip more affordable. All of which are what tour operators specialize in in order to make your trip what it was meant to be, a vacation. When you and your group travel for the first time let it be a remarkable experience that broadens your mind to different cultures and experiences. A coal miner doesn’t take you fishing if you want to catch fish. If you want a phenomenal group travel experience use a tour operator.