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Carry This In Your Carry-on

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Lucky you, you’re on your way to a fun destination with your classmates! Whether for a choir competition in the big city or a marching band performance at an Orlando theme park, you’re sure to make memories with your friends that you won’t soon forget.

But what to pack? Whether traveling by airplane or motorcoach, you’ll have to carry your own luggage around with you. While en route, you’ll have to check or stow your bags. But you need a separate packing list just for your carry-on. Keep in mind that you might be traveling by coach overnight, so a change of clothes is a good idea. And keep any important toiletries with you as well. What else to pack? Follow our handy carry-on packing guide and you won’t leave home without anything you need on your travels!

pack list for girls

pack list for guys

Did we miss anything? What do you like to pack in your carry-on?