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A Handy Guide To Use When Packing for A Student Trip

In a world in which “glamping” is an accepted form of outdoor recreation, it’s no surprise that we tend to overpack. We want to be sure we have all the necessary creature comforts in the event of an apocalypse. However, when packing for a student trip, we need to be a bit more discerning. Chances […]

Great Travel Apps for Student Groups

We live in a world dominated by apps and easy access. We use apps to find our way around, order food, shop, entertain ourselves, organize schedules, etc. They make our lives easier and so much more convenient. Travel is no exception. There are lots of great travel apps for student groups that can help make […]

Have a Safe Trip!

Every time my husband travels (which is A LOT), I say these four little words as he heads out the door.  I would imagine most people say them.  After all, we want our loved ones to return home better for the experience of traveling, not worse.  When students travel, a safe trip is priority number […]

Historical Student Trip to Birmingham, AL

The civil rights movement was a volatile and influential time in our nation’s history.  We study it in our schools, watch movies portraying its leaders and feel its impact on today’s society.  How much more powerful would it be to experience it first hand?  Planning an historical student trip to Birmingham, Alabama is a compelling […]

Inspiring STEM Student Travel

STEM continues to dominate education, and student-friendly destinations are taking notice. Innovative partnerships and curricula are emerging in unexpected places. As you begin to plan your STEM student travel, consider one of these exceptional cities… Cleveland Cleveland has a long-standing reputation as a great student destination. It’s also making its mark in the STEM fields […]

To Infinity and … Space Camp!

Most of us have dreamed of being an astronaut at one point or another in our lives. I used to imagine what it would be like to float gracefully in outer space while looking down on the earth. Now my fantasy just involves being weightless. I digress.  Interest in space exploration continues to explode as […]

The Stage is Set for OrlandoFest

Hours of practice. Countless rehearsals. Early mornings and late nights. The performing arts demand dedication. Anyone who has ever been a part of marching band, orchestra, choir, or dance program knows the work is tough but the reward is great. Most will jump at the chance to highlight or hone these hard-earned skills through competition, […]

Choose A Reliable Tour Operator with Professional Memberships

Your expectations are high when traveling with students. You expect an outstanding safety record, personal attention and quality transportation and accommodations.  You demand expert trip consultants and great, student-friendly attractions. That’s why it’s so important to choose a reliable tour operator with a stellar reputation and track record of success. Look for a company that […]

Travel Beyond Expectations with Kaleidoscope Adventures

It’s not easy to travel with students. Parent questions will pop up the night before the trip. Suzie will get the stomach flu. Johnny’s reed will break 15 minutes before the performance and he won’t have a spare. He will, however, have a nifty new light-up necklace on which he spent all his souvenir money! […]

Rhythm and Moves Dance Intensive Has All the Right Moves

My living room has become a stage of sorts. Since my daughter started dance lessons, the room that used to be for guests is now a nightly performance venue and I am a captive audience. Sigh. Fortunately, I’ve found an amazing opportunity for her to showcase and fine tune her dance skills- without breaking a […]