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Around Orlando: Students Perform At The Daytona 500!

Around Orlando: Students Perform At The Daytona 500! Banner Image

And now for something completely different!

So, say you’re a band director and you’ve done parades, you’ve done half-time shows, you’ve done theme park performances and festivals, and you want something a little different to put on your band’s dossier. Well, here at Kaleidoscope, we are excited to share with you a very unique, growing opportunity for high school and middle school bands to perform in front of thousands as part of the pre-race show at the Daytona 500!

Bands from around the country are invited to come together as part of a mass band performance of a medley of patriotic tunes right on pit road before the big race begins. Performers at this event have the opportunity to walk on the track, sign the start/finish line, talk to pit crew and possibly some drivers, and maybe even spot some celebs. This sounds like a great experience just for the up-close and behind-the-scenes look it provides at the world’s biggest race, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to showcase your band, no matter the size or caliber.

All participating bands learn the music in advance of their trip to central Florida, and then have the opportunity to rehearse as a large mass band once they arrive. Instrument sections are kept together, so your trumpet players will have the chance to play off of and learn from other trumpet players from around the country. Because this event is open to both middle and high school groups, middle schoolers will have a valuable chance to play alongside older, more experienced students, from whom they could undoubtedly learn. Students will bond over this unique experience and possibly create lasting friendships with like-minded kids from other states.

To top it all off, participation in the Daytona 500 massed band performance includes a ticket to the actual race. This is a nationally-televised event that many people spend hundreds of dollars to attend and these bands are right in the middle of it! Daytona, of course, is also home to world-famous beaches, and Orlando’s awesome theme parks are only an hour away, so participating bands have plenty to do to create memories off the racetrack as well!

Does this sound like a pretty amazing experience for student bands? Check out this cool video highlighting last year’s event and then share your thoughts below in the comments!

If you have any questions about your band’s potential participation in this event, contact us at 800-774-7337 or!