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April Is Jazz Appreciation Month

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What Will You Choose…Ella, Frank or a Bit of the Blues?

Jazz Appreciation Month… a whole month dedicated to the celebration of jazz as something to treasure as part of our past, and present. JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month) is all about encouraging musicians, radio stations, concert halls and more local facilities to promote the month by offering themed programs to the public.

The world has a rich history when it comes to jazz, especially in America! Ragtime, bebop, the blues are all types of jazz that have developed into the wide range of music we can hear today. But back in the 1800s in the American South jazz originated from slave plantations when the working slaves would try to break up the boredom of their day by singing. This accompanied the European-American musical tradition to create the basis for jazz.

Some of the great jazz artists include Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith, which is fitting because it’s also her birthday in April! So, is jazz just for people that already love jazz and want to celebrate it further? The answer is yes and no! JAM gives jazz-lovers a great excuse to participate in jazz-related activities for the month – but it also gives them the chance to introduce an exciting genre of music to those less familiar! Furthermore, the theme for 2013 is ‘The Spirit and Rhythms of Jazz’. And don’t forget, April 30 is International Jazz Day!