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An Incredibly Surprising Pizza Place

An Incredibly Surprising Pizza Place Banner Image

When my children were small, they loved to spend time at the local pizza entertainment center. It was an overpriced, cramped play space with unappetizing food and the promise of a weeklong illness due to unsanitary equipment. I truly dreaded the arrival of those party invitations and breathed a silent sigh of relief when they outgrew the center.
Imagine my surprise, while recently traveling in Tennessee, we stumbled upon America’s Incredible Pizza Company and my now much older children wanted to stop. Visions of that filthy rodent from our local center danced through my mind as I tried to argue against it. Overruled completely, we entered the Incredible Pizza Company and I forgot all my reservations!

America’s Incredible Pizza Company is just that- INCREDIBLE! Sparkling clean tiles of retro black and white greet you as you enter a vast space made for food, fun and family. A seemingly endless buffet of mouthwatering favorites, including pizza, pasta, homemade soups and sauces, hot dogs, tacos (80+ options!) can be found, along with fresh, crisp salads and scrumptious desserts. The food is spectacular and prepared with care- more than 100 different varieties of pizza are made daily! So many divine choices.

The food is only part of what makes this place amazing, though. America’s Incredible Pizza Company brings the fun as well! Our quick stop turned into an afternoon of gaming, bowling, bumper cars, mini-golf and rides. Bright lights and dazzling displays promising thrills, chills and spills- its truly a dining destination not to be missed.

America’s Incredible Pizza Company is a wholesome environment tailor-made for student groups, homeschool groups, sports teams, faith-based travelers, dance and drama clubs, scout groups and more. Group events with ten or more people qualify for discounts (if booked at least 24 hours in advance). Dedicated space is available along with the buffet and a large selection of games and attractions. The facility is alcohol-free, making it perfect for kiddos.

America’s Incredible Pizza Company lives up to its name on every level. America’s Incredible Pizza Company has locations in great group destinations- plan your group’s visit today!