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A Student History Trip To Williamsburg, Jamestown And Yorktown, Virginia

A Student History Trip To Williamsburg, Jamestown And Yorktown, Virginia Banner Image

When visiting Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia, student groups will step back in time to the eve of the American Revolution and walk the same grounds that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry once walked. Known as the Historic Triangle, this destination truly is a living classroom where one can experience America’s heritage, re-live the rich history of the revolutionary war and learn about where America began.

In Colonial Williamsburg, your group will find themselves fully immersed in America’s historical beginnings. Students can embark on an 18th-century revolutionary adventure by experiencing a colonial village on 301 acres. Citizens of the village dress in revolutionary costumes. Students can also browse a world-class indoor museum, dance with an 18th century dance instructor, march with drum and fife corps, join the colonial militia, walk with curators, take place in a witch trial or watch a street theatre program on Revolutionary America. Reenactments on 18th century life are held daily throughout the village. Williamsburg is where the ideas of democracy, liberty and revolution came to shape.

Student travel to Jamestown Settlement, a re-creation of the first permanent English settlement and representative government in America dating back to 1607, is not only educational, but memorable. Expansive gallery exhibits and an introductory film trace Jamestown’s beginnings in England and the first century of the Virginia colony itself. The cultures of the Powhatan Indians, Europeans and Africans are represented within the film as well. Outdoors, students can board replicas of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in1607, explore life-size re-creations of the colonists fort, and tour a seasonal riverfront discovery area to learn about European, Powhatan and African economic activities associated with water. Costumed historical interpreters describe and demonstrate daily life in the early 17th century. As an add-on to your trip, your group can opt for a professional, curriculum-based guided tour that includes Government and Leadership and Hands-on Historical Education programs.

Student tours to Yorktown are also educational and fun. The history of Yorktown is legendary. On October 19, 1781, the decisive military campaign of the American Revolution culminated with the British surrender to combined American and French forces under the command of George Washington. Thus the Revolutionary War ended and set the stage for a new government and nation by declaring independence from Britain. Today the Yorktown Victory Center, a museum of the American Revolution, chronicles America’s evolution from colonial status to nationhood through a unique blend of timeline, film and thematic exhibits. Indoor exhibition galleries portray the Declaration of Independence, recount the war’s impact on the people of that time, highlight the roles of different nationalities at the Siege of Yorktown, and document the story of the Betsy and other British ships lost in the York River during the siege. Exhibits also describe how people from many different cultures shaped a new government with the signing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Outdoors, visitors can explore a re-created farm and Continental Army encampment as well as the Yorktown Battlefield. Groups can also opt for a guided tour from a professional tour director. Tours include: Colonial Life, Life of a Private, Colonial Medicine and Revolutionary Virginia.

Overall, America’s Historic Triangle is the perfect educational student travel destination boasting unique historical sites, fantastic museums, recreations of life in the 17th century and a real battlefield. For over 18 years, Kaleidoscope Adventures has organized history trips to the Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown area for hundreds of schools. We are experts in booking student tours and specialize in planning complete travel services for any student group. We plan everything from A to Z, thus giving you peace-of-mind. We even give you a tour director who helps you every step of the way during your trip.

Put your trust in us to meet all of your student travel needs. Why not give your group an exciting history trip to Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown. Let us bring your classroom to life and create lasting memories for your student trip.