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A Student Group Dance Trip To New York City

A Student Group Dance Trip To New York City Banner Image

Ahh New York, New York, so good they named it twice! Known as one of the most popular student group travel destinations in the U.S, New York City offers up a feeling of excitement and value that is unmatched. Student groups can immerse themselves in New York City for five minutes, and see why it’s like no other place in the world. Known affectionately as the Big Apple, the city is full of incredible attractions, iconic landmarks, top-rated museums, live Broadway shows, professional sports teams, unbelievable shopping, fashion and delicious food. Moreover, dance groups can take advantage of the rich resources of the theatre community with a clinic or a memorable performance opportunity.

Since dance is an extraordinary blend of art, sport, communication and interaction, dancers often enjoy a unique insight into workshops, performances, plus more. And a trip to New York City will combine all of these attributes. Dance travel to New York City allows you and your dance group the chance to meet with professional artists/dance instructors and learn new styles, history and techniques. Couple this with a behind-the-scenes tour and public performance, and you’ll have an outstanding travel experience that will be second to none. Below are a few customized workshops/master classes for dance ensembles in New York City:

Broadway Dance Center welcomes groups year round. A trip to Broadway Dance Center is always a great way to motivate and inspire any dancer. Broadway Dance Center offers over 40 classes a day for ages 13 and up, and their “drop-in” schedule is carefully structured to offer a variety of levels and techniques. Dance groups also have the option to arrange private master classes with the faculty. The 90-minute private classes are customized to your needs and preferences, where instructors structure the class according to your specifications. Private classes create a more intimate environment where your students will receive personalized attention to maximize their classroom experience. There is no age limit for private classes, so they’re a perfect option for your younger dancers as well. In addition to the open and private master classes, groups can choose from several specialty options. Broadway Dance Center knows many groups bring their dancers to NYC to train as well as experience the excitement of the city. Broadway Dance Center works closely with the Broadway community and schedules Meet the Artist classes on a regular basis. Dance-related seminars on headshots and resumes, auditioning and nutrition are available as well and are outstanding supplements to your regular dance classes. What better way to experience the magic of Broadway than learning from the performers first hand!

Broadway Classroom is a series of interactive workshops designed to further enhance your groups’ Broadway experience. They are a great way to engage students in a variety of theatre and vocal disciplines and were developed in accordance with the National Standards for Arts Education. Broadway Classroom was created to be a flexible program, and any group with any skill level can participate in the majority of the workshops. Each workshop is private, scheduled at your convenience, are 90 minutes in length and are taught by qualified teaching artists and Broadway performers. Workshops for Performing Arts include:

  • Business of the Business
  • Musical Theatre Song and Movement
  • Step by Step

These workshops are perfect for individuals who are seriously interested in pursuing their craft in theatre. Students will get to learn directly from Broadway performers about auditioning for Broadway and the business behind show business for actors. They can be tailored to your groups level of experiences  even for non-performers.

STEPS on Broadway is the studio where professionals go to study in New York City. Since 1979, Steps has been at the center of New York’s diverse and electrifying dance scene. Whether studying ballet, tap, modern, musical theatre, jazz or hip-hop, your students will be dancing alongside some of the top professional dancers in the business. Steps has established a tradition of excellence through its world-renowned staff of teachers, musicians, choreographers, performers and artistic directors. Located on the Upper West Side, Steps is equipped with 10 air-conditioned studios, a studio theatre, dancewear boutique and cafe. These elements create an environment to help nurture the talent of your aspiring dancers and to encourage them to explore the many career opportunities in the dance world. Groups may take private/master classes, participate in daily scheduled classes, experience special workshops, or attend lectures on a variety of dance-related topics. Whether you are a private studio, drill team, a musical theatre department or a ballet academy, your students will have a variety of artistic and stimulating dance classes from which to choose.

The Alvin Ailey Dance Studios, the largest facility dedicated to dance in the United States, is the ultimate destination for dancers of all ages and levels! Create an unforgettable experience for your group when you add a fun dance class taught by New York’s best instructors, a tour of Ailey’s acclaimed building, or a pre-performance party to your order of tickets to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at New York City Center. And when you book your group’s “Day at Ailey”, you’ll also enjoy special savings and personalized service. There are many options for dance groups visiting The Ailey Studios including private classes, participation in regular open classes, class observations and much more! The Ailey Studios offer diverse dance techniques you won’t find at any other studio, including Horton, West African, Ballet, Jazz, Afro-Caribbean, Hip Hop, Samba, Yoga, Pilates, and Tap. They offer classes for everybody of varying levels, from beginning dancers through professionals, and can customize your visit to accommodate your specific needs and interests.

Overall, dance is such an important aspect of life, art, and expression. Groups or companies considering a dance tour to New York City can trust the team at Kaleidoscope Adventures to deliver an outstanding travel experience that highlights your dance skills and creativity. Be one of those instructors who expose their students to life-changing, dance experiences by attending one of the above-mentioned excellent programs. If you have a dance ensemble that wants to participate in the best workshops/master classes, then consider booking with Kaleidoscope Adventures. We will help place you in the right dance classes that will highlight the level of your dance ensemble and make your student group dance trip to New York City a success!