Performance Trips

Looking for the performance opportunity of a lifetime? Kaleidoscope Adventures is your quintessential resource for planning the perfect trip! More than 20 years as a leader in the student travel industry means access to the best venues and travel partners with an impeccable record of success.

Marching bands, concert bands, choirs, drama or dance groups are treated with unsurpassed care and attention to detail. Our expert planners will guide you through each step of planning a unique and exciting travel experience- whether your destination is a first-rate competition, a cultural awakening in NYC or an exhilarating performance at your favorite theme park. Skip the search and go directly to the specialists at Kaleidoscope Adventures!


This was the trip of a lifetime!

Bob Chilton, Mount Airy High School

Kaleidoscope Adventures made our music festival fun and enjoyable for all because it was so well organized.

Leslie Patton, Flat Rock Middle School