Bowl Game Performance Opportunities

bowl game performance opportunities

One of the highlights of any high school student’s years in marching band, color guard and dance is the chance to take part in a bowl game. The highlight of most bowl games each year is the fabulous halftime show, featuring thousands of young people from throughout the United States.

Many halftime shows include performances by the college bands and dance teams of the two schools participating in the bowl game, followed by high school bands from across the nation performing as one massed band. These bands also frame hundreds of dancers who perform colorful routines to the music.  In the end, the entire field may be filled with color and sounds that exhilarates the crowds up with up to 90,000 fans.

For the high school bands this show is the culmination of months of practices, performances and competitions that prepare them for this moment. There are competitions that take place in conjunction with most festivals, as well as parades.  Many of these bowl games and their festivities are nationally televised which gives students the chance to shine!

Some of the bowl games that offer performance opportunities include:

  • Atlanta – Chick-fil-A Bowl
  • Miami – Orange Bowl
  • New Orleans – Allstate Sugar Bowl
  • Orlando – Champs Sports Bowl
  • San Diego – Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl
  • Tampa – Champs Sports Bowl

Let Kaleidoscope Adventures showcase your marching band, color guard and dance teams to millions of people at a nationally televised bowl game.  Applications must be submitted at least a year in advance to obtain a spot.  Half time bowl game events are a great way to give your students a lifetime of memories.  Please contact Kaleidoscope Adventures to start planning your trip today.

Golden Opportunity to Perform the National Anthem

Have you ever considered the possibility of your student group performing the National Anthem prior to their favorite Major League Baseball game? With 30 major league teams – 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada, and a combined 162 games per season, there are tremendous opportunities for student groups to attend and be a part of history. Games are scheduled between April and October, not including the many Spring training games in Arizona and Florida. This is a golden opportunity for your group to perform in front of close to 30,000 people before enjoying America’s pastime.

If you know a group that is interested in this opportunity, they must follow these simple steps: submit an application and non-returnable DVD of their performance as early as possible to the specific organization for which they would like to perform. Some organizations have even more specifications and require that a certain amount of tickets be purchased for your performance prior to being accepted. MLB schedules often do not come out until the fall, after the post-season ends, and the game time schedules are usually posted after the first of the year. It can be challenging to plan around the uncertainty of being accepted for one of these limited performance opportunities, but the payoff is immeasurable for your student group. A word of advice, though, try to avoid games that include such high profile teams as the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox, as these games do not even allow the purchase of group tickets. And as I mentioned earlier, submit your application materials as early as possible!

Whether you like baseball, or not, this experience will create memories that last a lifetime!